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Pierre Receives 100% Vote of Confidence as Leader of the SLP

PRIME Minister and Leader of the Saint Lucia Labour Party Philip J Pierre
PRIME Minister and Leader of the Saint Lucia Labour Party Philip J Pierre

Prime Minister and Leader of the Saint Lucia Labour Party Philip J Pierre last Sunday stood firm at the party’s Conference of Delegates receiving 100 percent of the votes cast in support of him remaining head of the party.

As required by the Party’s constitution, a Vote of Confidence in him as Political Leader and prime minister was conducted by secret ballot, resulting in a 100% acclamation of support with every one of the 250 delegates and officers voting “yes” to keep him as leader of the party. There was not a single dissenting vote.

Remaining faithful to its founding principles of Bread, Justice and Freedom and the requirements of its constitution to report annually to the Conference of Delegates, the highest Authority of the Party, the Party held its Closed Session at the Gros Islet Human Resource Development Center.

The Closed Session dealt with the internal business of the Party. There was full accountability to members in all constituencies in addition to its auxiliary groups: the Saint Lucia Labour Party Women’s Organization (SLPWO) and the Saint Lucia Labour Party Youth Organization (SLPYO).

Delegates received and discussed several reports including the National Executive report, the Treasurer’s report, as well as reports from the SLPWO and the SLPYO.

Delegates also elected other officers to serve on the National Executive Committee for the period 2022-2023.

Pierre and the newly elected officers were roundly congratulated by the delegates, all of whom promised to continue the work of strengthening the organization to ensure that it remains relevant to the expectations of it supporters and the wider Saint Lucian population.

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  1. In humility, let us always abide.
    There is always one come to such a time as this.

    Saviors come upon the mountains to resuscitate righteousness- Justice. Judgement, truth and equity;

    To burnish knowledge, wisdom and understanding for the nation’s standard of governance;

    to revive jubilant melodies of compassion and kindness in the hearts of the people.

    The Joseph rescued from the pit to
    To manage silos of corn for survival of a nation ravaged in the famine left by thieves,

    He is, indeed, worthy of all reverence bestowed on him by his peers.

    In humility, let us always abide
    GOD bless our venerable Prime Minister, Pierre.

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