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Ministry of Agriculture Prepares for Sea Moss Fiesta 2022

St. Lucia’s Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Food Security and Rural Development is organizing several food festivals to promote local production and healthy food consumption as a means of strengthening the country’s food security and improving nutrition.

The initiative includes the 2022 Sea Moss Fiesta, scheduled for Oct. 16 at Fond d’Or National Park. The event is open to anyone who is interested in demonstrating their creativity and selling sea moss products.

According to Communications Officer, Mr. Philip Sydney of the Ministry of Agriculture who spoke on the activity, “you will be surprised to see the various derivatives from sea moss,” he said. “The school children are going to be there, and there will be a competition among the schools, if all goes well. There will also be a sea moss recipe book because we want to showcase the participants’ signature products, and hopefully that book will be available on the day.”

The Sea Moss Fiesta is the fourth activity of its kind to be recently hosted by the Ministry of Agriculture. It was preceded by the Mango Festival, the Banana Festival and the Breadfruit and Breadnut Festival. by Neval Auguste, GIS

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