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Three in Custody after Fight on Air Caraïbes Flight

Three individuals are now in police custody and may face a sentence of three years for their participation in an all-out brawl on an Air Caraïbes flight.

Footage shared on social media showed at least three men exchanging punches in the cabin of the Cayenne-bound flight that embarked from Paris on Friday, February 11, 2022.

The flight crew, with the help of other passengers, attempted to restore calm to the flight and according to the airline, during the shocking incident, one of their stewards sustained injuries.

Air Caraïbes through General Manager, Marc Rochet, has since apologized to the passengers who witnessed and were victims of these altercations on board the flight. He assured them of the company’s determination to do everything possible – in cooperation with the local authorities to remedy the situation.

Officers of the French Border Police arrested the men upon landing in Cayenne.

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