Energy Grids: A Simple but Powerful Manifesting Technique

“EVERYTHING is energy and that’s all there is. Match the frequency of the reality you want, and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. “ – Albert Einstein

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A few years ago, the bestselling book and later the movie, The Secret written by Rhonda Byrne popularized the term the Law of Attraction.

During that time, The Law of Attraction was a buzz term rolling off everyone’s lips, with a vast number of people seeking to diligently apply its principles, to reap the promised results of living the life of their dreams.

While the Law of Attraction is by no means a new phenomenon because it is one of the many universal laws which existed since before the beginning of time, the book helped to bring it into our awareness. It also provided us with a deeper understanding and greater insight into the workings of the law and how it can be consciously used to create the life we desire.

Prior to that time, a vast majority of us, especially in the Western hemisphere did not necessarily ‘know’ that we could live a life by design. Additionally, we were not aware that if we aligned to these universal principles that we could transform our life experiences.

I believe I speak for everyone when I say that we all have a dream of living the best possible life. And while the details of our dreams might vary, at the heart of our intention is the feeling of well-being in every area of our lives.

This is one of the fundamental tenets of the Law of Attraction; how we feel, or said another way, our vibrational frequency.

During my years as a business coach, while studying marketing, I learnt a fundamental principle that revolutionized my approach to business and also helped me to better understand the Law of Attraction. I learnt that people don’t buy things for the thing itself, instead they buy things because of how they believe it will make them feel.

That’s why the most compelling ads always seek to stimulate the viewers emotions, by highlighting how you will feel if you use or purchase the product or service. Once the ad is successful in triggering the desired emotions, with all other factors present, the purchase is practically a done deal.

For instance, someone may desire a brand-new sports car because they believe it will provide them with a sense of exhilaration, freedom, and stature. Likewise, someone else might want a home in a residential community because it represents safety, security, and peace of mind for them.

It’s all about how we believe we will feel that fuels our desire. This is why one of the main attraction techniques recommended in The Secret is visualization. When we spend time visualizing what we desire, it produces the same feeling you would have if you had the thing in front of you. The brain is unable to differentiate the difference between the actual thing and the imagined thing.

How we feel or in the language of quantum physics, how we vibrate determines what we attract, which includes people, things, and circumstances. While I know that this might be a tough pill to swallow for some people after examining the contents of their life, this universal principle is actually good news because it means that you have the power to change and transform any circumstances by changing how you feel or your vibrational frequency.

As mentioned before, your vibrational frequency or how you feel, is what makes you an attractor to what you desire. And according to Albert Einstein, once you match the vibration of the reality you want, you cannot help but get that reality.

What this essentially means is, you don’t have to wait for the ‘right or desired circumstances’ to feel good now because it is not the desired circumstances that make you feel good, it is your good feeling state that brings your desires into your reality. It is your vibrational frequency that makes you an attractor to what you desire and makes you receptive, thereby allowing it to come into your awareness.

This is why the saying, “Birds of a feather flock together” is not only true but represents how the Law of Attraction works. People with similar interests, ways of being, beliefs, ideas, thoughts, and perspectives generally associate with each other. All of these aspects of people can be described using one word, their energy, or their vibrational frequency. And this is what attracts them to each other.

The truth is, many of us are unaware that we are the point of attraction for the happenings in our life. We traverse life, unconscious about our power to create and manifest our experiences, instead believing that our lives are dictated by external forces. However, with a better understanding of the Universal Laws and Quantum Physics, we now know that we are in fact the creators of our reality and we have the ability to live a life of design and not default.

For many years after reading The Secret, I applied many of the recommended techniques in the book, particularly, visualizing my dreams. I tried creating vision boards, closing my eyes, and imagining what it would feel like to have what I wanted. However, honestly, I struggled with the practice and eventually stopped using it.

However, I did not let my lack of success with that technique stop me. Because I knew that I was the creator of my reality and wanted to design a happy, successful life for myself, I began experimenting with other techniques. These included affirmations, asking powerful questions and transformation journaling, which are all amazing manifesting techniques, which also work and I highly suggested.

However, within the last few years, I discovered a technique that works for me every time, as someone who is non-visual. I refer to it as Energy Grids. This technique is now my ‘go to’ manifesting practice for any and everything I am creating and one I also highly recommend to my clients.

Energy Grids are super simple but extremely powerful because it helps you to be deliberate in creating the frequency of the reality you want, even before experiencing. I like to think of it as being the architect of my reality, creating the energetic blueprint for my life experiences.

As mentioned previously, everything we desire including a great relationship, a successful career, a beautiful home, more money, and a meaningful life, is desired because we believe it will make us feel good. And the truth is, we don’t have to wait until we have the thing for us to feel good. We can practice feeling good right now in the present moment, even before what we desire becomes our reality.

This is the basis of the Energy Grid technique. Practicing how you would feel even before what you desire comes into your reality, can immensely help to make your dreams a reality even faster because you are utilizing the fundamentals of the Law of Attraction.

How then do you create and use an Energy Grid to create the life of your dreams?

1. Think about something you desire to create.
2. Then think about what it would feel like when you actually have it.
3. Write down in as much detail, how you believe you will feel once your desire has materialized.
4. Once you have created your energy grid, spend time feeling into it daily. It is important to not only say the words but to feel it as if it’s already so.

This is an example of an energy grid I created a month before I started looking for a new apartment. Every day I would sit with my grid and say each word deliberately, ensuring I felt each word. I would say, “My new home feels…”

Welcoming | Sociable | Supportive
Uplifting | Light | Impacting
Beautiful | Airy | Spacious
Loving |Bright | Joyful
Affordable | Refreshing | Happy
Peaceful | Healing | Creative
Quiet | Nourishing | Enjoyable
Friendly | Uniting | Abundant

I am happy to report that today I live and enjoy the apartment I attracted using this grid. I can honestly say that my current apartment perfectly matches the way I wanted to feel, living in my space.

An Energy Grid can be used to create anything you desire to manifest, from the type of day you want to have, to how you would like to experience your work or your relationships. It can be applied to any experience.

Creating and maintaining our vibrational frequency for what we desire through such practices as Energy Grids is our work. The how of the manifestation process is the work of the Universe. Sometimes, we get caught in trying to figure out how it will happen, which sometimes distorts our frequency because of our limited options. However, when we trust that the Universe knows more than we do and sees more than we can, we keep focused on what we can control, which is our vibration and allow the Universe to match us with the best possible outcome.

It is important to note that this is only a suggestion of a practice that has worked for me and several other persons I have recommended it to. However, results may vary from person to person. Additionally, this manifesting technique is not a quick fix, get what ‘I want now method’. It is a practice and is meant to be used consistently and over time.

If you do try the practice, I would love to hear about your results and experience. Feel free to send me an email to hello@carissadaniel.com and share how the Energy Grid technique impacted your life.

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