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All Covid-19 Patients Fully Recovered

Saint Lucia has recorded a total of 25 COVID-19 cases to date. The last three (3) patients in care have now recovered fully and have tested negative for COVID-19. This now gives the country a 100 percent recovery rate and we have recorded zero COVID-19 related deaths. As of now there are no reported active COVID-19 cases.

Testing results received on August 11, 2020 indicated 99 negative test results. A total of 4,373
tests have been carried out to date.

We remind everyone that as we continue with the phased re-opening of the country, the risk for the introduction of COVID-19 has increased. The public is advised that all protocols are still in place including the reduced numbers for public transportation and hygiene protocols for private sector establishments. These also include the use of face masks in public, the sanitizing of hands and maintaining the recommended 6 foot physical distance from others.

The Ministry of Health reiterates the importance of maintaining the quarantine of returning nationals and visitors as it is a great measure in minimizing the risk of transmitting COVID-19. We again appeal to people who have been placed in quarantine to adhere to the 14 day quarantine period. Where home quarantine has been granted, the individuals must remain there for the full period of time. This action is expected to protect the health and safety of every individual within our country. We ask everyone to continue supporting our national effort to minimize the threat of COVID-19 on our island.

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  1. It’s good to see that you all have been performing Magic required for the time
    such as this. Do you care sharing that magic with the rest of all concerned?
    Truly you guys have been working very hard to accomplish this gigantic feat,
    The whole team from top to bottom deserve top acclamation and blessings
    added. I’m looking forward to see when the Reaper have had its fill, then return
    back to its Grave in that Test Tube from whence it emerged. I hope I’m not the
    first one to extend my gratitude to the Medical Team and the Chief, of Course.
    Please join me in thanking the ‘Almighty’ for His blessings to us all in St.Lucia.

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