Thirty eight students to benefit from SLFA Laptop and Bursary Programme

Image: SLFA President, Lyndon Cooper and General Secretary, Victor Reid. (Photo: Anthony De Beauville)

The Covid-19 Pandemic has undoubtedly created a lifelong mark on the sport of football; it has affected in particular the clubs, players, referees and coaches. Its resultant destabilization of the local economy has impacted the lives of everyone and has consequently affected us as an organisation as well as our stakeholders.

Consequently, jobs have been negatively affected worldwide as the result of the suspension of all economic activities leaving the parents of our players unemployed over a four-month period. Under such conditions, the Saint Lucia Football Association (SLFA) Inc cannot remain a bystander merely observing the devastating effects that this has caused to the young players.

Image: SLFA President, Lyndon Cooper and General Secretary, Victor Reid. (Photo: Anthony De Beauville)
SLFA President, Lyndon Cooper and General Secretary, Victor Reid. (Photo: Anthony De Beauville)

To compound the situation, the Ministry of Education had declared the last term in the school year, “learn from home” and schools have had to conduct classes remotely.  Additionally, there is no-short term assurance as to when the unemployment of the parents of the players will come to an end, or the return to gainful employment.

SLFA understands that this pandemic has presented unprecedented challenges in terms of delivering football activities, as well as causing short-term financial distress for our players.

As a direct result of the closure of schools and the new normal which incorporates the use of digital technology by students, it has now become mandatory that they are able to access online content material periodically that will be provided by the respective schools through the various digital platforms setup for delivering these services.

In an effort to support our footballers in accessing and benefiting from the e-learning platforms, the Saint Lucia Football Association Inc. is committed to offering assistance that will contribute to their continued education and improved quality of life under these trying circumstances.

Therefore, we have crafted a response that will provide invaluable support particularly for the young footballers at school who may not be able to afford the tools as required for the continuation of their education.

Therefore, the SLFA Inc. through its President, Lyndon Cooper, finds it necessary to intervene by launching the SLFA Covid-19 Assistance Programme. This program will provide support to two deserving footballers from each of our 19 member leagues who will qualify under the criteria that will guide the selection of these students.

The Covid 19 Assistance Programme has two main components, namely: (1)The Laptop Assistance Programme; (2)The Education Supplementary Assistance Programme ($600.00 bursary)

In this regard, each Club is expected to nominate a worthy male and female footballer for the said assistance by completing the attached form.

Please note that the players can only receive one of the two components of the programme, the laptop award or the bursary award.

The deadline for submission is Wednesday 5th August 2020.

Forms can be emailed to the General Secretary at or dropped off in a sealed envelope at the offices of the SLFA Inc. in La Clery, Castries.

The spirit of solidarity and cooperation already shown in the face of this unprecedented crisis will ensure that we overcome this unique challenge together and emerge stronger.

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