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Transitioning to Virtual Delivery Methods – THE CCSS PLAN

By Marva Daniel (School Principal CCSS)

Our school, like all schools, is currently adapting to the unprecedented circumstances caused by COVID-19. Our educators are preparing to adapt to teaching online, helped by resources which enable hundreds of thousands of educators worldwide to translate their skills to a virtual classroom.

It is not only teachers that are adapting, you too, our students are having to learn how to be educated online too. Parents/guardians are also investing in the process of this dynamic change. Homes are being transformed into digital classrooms. Family members are sharing and accommodating this process too. We are all going to progress together and teach strategies that will help all our students to succeed using digital technology.

In cases where anyone is unable to access their teacher or school, please do find a safe way to let us know and every opportunity will be given to ‘fill the gap’.

From Friday 17th April 2020 and into the coming weeks, you will be contacted by me through our school’s various social networking sites, through the electronic and print press and most importantly, by your subject and/or home room teachers. You will also be receiving an email on how to access the learning platform that will be utilized to deliver quality instruction and interactions—MOODLE LMS. Additionally, by now, every student should have activated their school’s email account which is activated through Gmail. If anyone has not accessed and has issues, please send a message—text, email to your home room teacher or to the school’s email at office@ccss.edu.lc or mdaniel@ccss.edu.lc.

Virtual Interactions!

Our staff members have been interacting with various groups of students using a variety of digital tools. These can be accessed and utilised to interact virtually and enhance teaching and learning. Some of you are familiar with Whatsapp, Google Classroom, Office 365, NEO, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, BigBlue Button, Moodle LMS and Skype, to name a few.

All of these above enable teachers to share course resources and to collaboratively support the learning process.

Moving Ahead

Our School’s philosophy speaks to the provision of enhanced holistic development through total quality instruction. We have selected the learning platform MOODLE to do just that. Teachers, therefore, are encouraged to use tutorials, templates, and guidelines to generate and upload relevant course content.

We will do our utmost to ensure that everyone is provided with more ideas, advice and tips on how to be taught remotely and we will continue to ensure that all our educators and students use these valuable skills during the ’at home period’, and beyond.

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