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This is Saint Lucia where we are happy?

Image of Carlton Ishmael
By Carlton Ishmael

IT is glaring that the state will not deprive our nationals in any way when it comes to celebrations.

I suppose Easter will be splendid and so will the Jazz Festival, followed by Carnival, not forgetting the remaining festivals like Soul and Blues, Creole Festival, Rum and Food, plus the private parties of which there would be many.

We can now add the label of the Most Fun Place to be in the Caribbean — and with the coming of an election around the corner, I am sure too that there will also be projects of all types coming up.

I suppose all the hospitals will be completed, the road network will be improved, the budget for this year will be full of new adventures and no doubt this year will go down in history as a glorious year.

In the meantime, all the killings, muggings and other negative behaviors will be considered as happenstance. And the police will say the same as usual — that all those criminal offences are being investigated — and the government will say that the judicial system is constantly being improved, and there will be more attention given to school repairs and all the molded buildings will be repaired.

I expect this year is a year to fix thing’s, get things back on track, give the world the impression that we are progressing and dealing with all economic woes, while we build new airports, new golf courses and new sea ports.

To my mind this year will be very interesting not forgetting that the opposite side will try to convince everyone that this is hogwash.

Both parties over the years have fallen short, but we have a politics of blame and neither will admit that they cannot solve the problems of state by themselves.

The young complain but don’t vote, everybody is saying we need new blood and fresher minds, but nobody is committed. We give the suggestions, but it falls on deaf ears and we depend largely on foreign investors to move forward.

I hope that the people are aware of the bluffs and the schemes and all the bovine feces that we are fed.

In the meantime, we stay divided by colour and party alliances and sideline the reality of the actual state of things.

The biggest area of concern will be what will be done for the youth and how many new jobs will be created, how much more money will be pumped into the economy and who or what party can or will deliver.

Well, I sit and wait and hope like all of you for those promises to be fulfilled, but this being Saint Lucia where we continue to be happy (according to Willie James) I won’t be surprised if we also again get the usual excuse that ‘We need more time to achieve our plans.’

C’est la vie, en Sent Lisi!

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