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4 Charged in Shooting Death of 77–Year–Old

FOUR men have been charged in connection with the shooting death of 77- year – old Andrew Joseph, of Mon Repos, Micoud. Joseph was at his mini-mart, situated in Mon Repos, when masked individuals, in an attempt to rob his establishment, shot him in the upper abdomen.

The tragedy occurred on the night of Saturday 9th November, 2019. An undisclosed amount of cash was also taken from the mini-mart at the time. Two individuals were shortly after taken into police custody to assist with investigations.

Image of Ann Joseph, Press Relations Officer of the RSLPF this week addressed the issue of excessive drinking.
Ann Joseph, Press Relations Officer of the RSLPF this week addressed the issue of excessive drinking.

On Thursday, Press Relations Officer of the RSLPF, Ann Joseph, announced that four were charged for various offences in relation to this incident.

France Theodore, of West Hall, Vieux Fort, was charged on Thursday 19th December 2019, for conspiracy to commit robbery in connection to the homicide of Joseph. Theodore is currently on remand at the Bordelais Correctional facility.

Also is Denzie Ferdinand of Lumbard, Mon Repos, who on Saturday 11th January, was arrested and charged for conspiracy to commit robbery in connection to Joseph’s homicide.

Eldridge Leon, another resident of Lumbard, Mon Repos, was charged on 22nd January with the offence of aiding and abetting the commission of that robbery and homicide.

Police also arrested Wayne Edward alias “Koukouche”, of Bisee, Castries, who was charged on 31st January for causing the death of Andrew Joseph. Wayne was previously charged in connection with a robbery which occurred along the Vieux Fort/Laborie Highway last year.

Andrew Joseph, at the time of the fatal incident, was accompanied by his wife. He was taken to St Jude Hospital and although he was reported to be in critical condition, family, friends and residents of Mon Repos were hopeful that Andrew would’ve survived the ordeal. Their hopes were shattered when he succumbed to his injuries two days later. Andrew was spoken of as a hard-working man and well respected member of the community. He was well-liked by many.

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  1. Now don’t mess this one up. The prosecution Lawyers of this Nation are under the microscope
    and are being watched very carefully, we have had enough of nonsense lately, enough is enough.
    Do a good job this time Those who are found guilty should hang: it’s in the books, so comply.

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