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Uncertainty: The Code Word for 2020!

Image of Carlton Ishmael
By Carlton Ishmael

AT the end of every year, we give praise and wish and hope for a more fruitful year. But Faith determines what good or bad will come our way. Granted, some pitfalls can be avoided; you can sometimes brush away negativity, but some situations are both unpredictable and unavoidable.

This coming year will be full of intrigue. Political parties will be in election campaign mode, business people will be struggling to stay afloat and natural disasters will continue to be the usual, only a corner away.

The Rich will try to enhance their wealth, the Downtrodden will try to upstage themselves, the Criminals will continue to get bolder and the Planet will continue to get warm. Death will come in many ways and births will continue to replenish the earth’s population.

But uncertainty is the code word for this coming year and we all need to keep our eyes wide open and keep our ears to the ground because the promises of a better future will be preached and broadcasted from the mouth of every political hopeful and the struggle to take sides will continue — and the divisions will widen.

The good and the bad will surface. We may see better, but things can also get worse. The tides of change or regret are at hand and all I can suggest is that we all remain focused and let the right decisions be made, think country before self — and remember that life is full of deceitful people, who come in many ways and forms.

So, my wish to our nationals is to stay forever focused and avoid being deceived — and to all my readers, thanks for the feedback.

I hope that for the rest of this New Year, I can continue to write from the heart, be a true national, a true patriot, an advocate for meaningful change and a voice for the people.

Happy 2020!

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  1. Will you define faith? faith in what – not in oneself or some far out deity who
    cannot feel our sufferings. I’m sure I’ve been around a lot longer than you and
    I have many times found myself in a tight spot.I have been spoken to, as if to
    remind me: the power of the engine was placed within you, so it is up to you to
    turn on the Ignition – I AM, that ignition, call on my name by faith, I will respond.

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