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Dress Code for Race Emanated from RSLTC not SLTA

A public outcry over news that a dress code is in effect for the December races at the horse racing facility in Beausejour, Vieux Fort is drawing an unusual amount of attention from the higher echelons of government, and the public.

THE VOICE has been informed that information about the dress code did not emanate from the Saint Lucia Tourism Authority as may have been mistakenly attributed from an article printed in the 14 November 2019 edition of this newspaper.

The Tourism Authority was just the purveyor of the information relating to the dress code for that day, information which came from the Royal Saint Lucia Turf Club (RSLTC) and can be found on the club’s website at

Efforts to contact someone from the RSLTC prior to press time yesterday were not forthcoming however on the club’s website, there are several sub topics including hospitality. Here’s how it works:

Rest cursor on the word ‘hospitality’ and three sub topics appear namely Plan Your Day, FAQs and Dress Regulations. Click on FAQs and several questions will appear on screen. One such question is: “Is there a dress code?” Click on that question and the answer pops up, which goes like this: “Yes, there is a dress code for the racecourse, details can be found here.”

Some more prodding and the whole gamut, or range or scope of the dress code is listed confirming that a dress code is in fact in effect on the day. As featured on the website, the event is “an opportunity for ladies and gentlemen to dress with elegance.”

The website makes it clear that when it comes to the VIP section a dress code is in effect for men and women, including children age 14 and over.

Patrons to the VIP sections are required to dress to a standard befitting the Royal Saint Luci Turf Club. Regarding ladies the website states that while hats and fascinators are not required, they are encouraged especially on feature race days.

Regarding men, the website states that they are required to wear a suit or tailored pants with dress shoes, collared shirt and tie, and that the club reserves the right to refuse entry into the VIP sections or parade ring for persons not appropriately attired.

Regarding the public viewing section, even that has a dress code. Patrons in the public viewing area are welcome to wear casual clothing. Revealing clothes are not permitted. All patrons must wear shoes.

Full details on the race day dress code can be found on the Royal Saint Lucia Turf Club’s website.

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  1. I am all in favour of a dress code. Let us show a bit of class just for once.
    I better warn you, if you guys mess this up on the first day – then forget it.
    The dress code I read here was not too much. I would go one further i. e.
    No short skirts, no tight pants, no sleeveless tops, girls to dress modestly.
    No excessively loud music, no cussing and swearing. Show friendliness.
    Be proud of your Country and show some civility. Many will be watching.

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