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WLBL and DBC Transition Castries Production Line to Vieux Fort

SUBSEQUENT to its 2016 merger, Windward and Leeward Brewery Limited (WLBL) and Du Boulay’s Bottling Company Limited (DBC) announces the relocation of its Water (Crystal Clear) and Carbonated Soft Drinks (CSD-Coke, Sprite and Icy) production line from its Castries Plant, located on Bridge St., to its Vieux Fort Brewery. The relocation is targeted to be completed in October 2020 and supports the company’s vision to create a sustainable business through a modern and efficient single production site dedicated to innovation, people development and global safety standards.

The company is proud to continue to serve the St Lucian public and the OECS producing and distributing a portfolio of award winning products. The relocation creates a number of opportunities including continuing to offer product innovation to customers and consumers, development of team member competencies and overall business synergies for sustainability. This in turn will allow the company to continue to support the local communities in a meaningful way and provide a return on investment to shareholders. The company has also committed to continuing to offer employment to all employees at the Castries Plant and they have the choice to be relocated based on their position, to the Vieux Fort Brewery or to one of the company’s other work sites.

Over the years, both WLBL and DBC have invested significantly in the development of its people, technological advancements and efficient production through training, equipment and processes. This project is no different. With an estimated investment of US$9 million, WLBL DBC continues the tradition of proudly contributing to St Lucia’s overall economic performance and development of people through youth, sporting, cultural, community, environmental and educational projects.

As one team, the company is committed to building a sustainable future for its business, teams, customers and St Lucia brewing and serving quality products.

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