Jako Books Releases ‘My Father Is No Longer There’

Jako Books is pleased to announce the release ofMy Father Is No Longer There, a memoir by Dr Anderson Reynolds, inspired by his father’s accidental death.  According to the author, the book is an attempt to reconcile himself to his father’s sudden and premature death and to get to know him better than when he was alive. As such the book is a meditation on the nature of death, the value of a life, and the nature of art and creativity. It is an exploration of family values, the depths of parental love and sacrifice, and the importance of parent-child bonding.

Image of Dr Anderson Reynolds.
Dr Anderson Reynolds.

My Father Is No Longer There has already started to garner praise.

Peter Lansiquot, CARICOM diplomat and Economist, said: “Dr Reynold’s mastery as a fierce storyteller is yet again reaffirmed. This memoir calmly and thoroughly takes the reader along the rough terrain of a family’s epic struggle for survival…”

Modeste Downes, author of A Lesson on Wings, said: “A pulsating … riveting … and compellingly readable narrative.”

Dr. Jolien Harmsen, author of A History of St Lucia, said: “A love ballad, a joy to read and a privilege to be savoured.”

Anderson Reynolds was born and raised in Vieux Fort, St Lucia, where he now resides. He holds a PhD in Food and Resource Economics from the University of Florida. He has won two national awards for creative journalism, and, besides My Father Is No Longer There, he is the author of three award-winning and national best-selling books, namely the novels The Stall Keeper and Death by Fire and the creative nonfiction The Struggle for Survival: an historical, political, and socioeconomic perspective of St Lucia.

Dr Reynolds’ books and newspaper and magazine articles have established him as one of St Lucia’s most prominent and prolific writers and a foremost authority on the island’s socioeconomic history.

Published by Jako Books, My Father Is No Longer There is all of 215 pages and has a list price of US$24.95, but is being sold in St Lucia at EC$60.00. The book  will be available online at amazon.com both in print and as eBook.  In St Lucia it is available at T&M Toy Stationary (JQ Plaza, Vieux Fort), Best of St Lucia & Noah Arcade (Hewanorra International Airport), and AF Valmont (Laborie Street, Castries).

With the publication of My Father Is No Longer There, Dr Reynolds will embark on a national and international book tour that will  include book readings in Vieux Fort, Soufriere, and Castries;  readings at most of the island’s secondary schools; readings at  primary schools in the south of the island; and readings in the UK, North America, and CARICOM countries.

For more information on My Father Is No Longer There, Jako Productions and Dr. Reynolds, readers are encouraged to visit: www.jakoproductions.com.

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