Plan to Quash Criminality in the South Emphasized

A top police officer has given the thumbs up to plans outlined by Micoud and Vieux Fort police to combat crime even as Saint Lucia continues to record a string of robberies in these two communities.

Within the southern part of the island, Micoud and Vieux Fort are communities that have seen the greatest number of robberies and homicides in recent months to the point where they seem to be generating special attention by lawmen.

However, as much as these two communities are now in the spotlight, other communities have also been feeing the brunt of criminals hell-bent on creating mayhem and taking innocent lives.

For instance, just this week 34-year-old Vick Denis of Sarrot confronted a burglar in his home which he shared with his wife and small daughter just after four in the morning.

He was fatally stabbed during his attempts to defend his home and family, succumbing to his injuries just over three hours later.

Just two days before Mathurin Donelly, a 66-year-old from the Micoud village was shot dead outside a refreshment bar when masked men directed their gunfire into the establishment. The incident occurred sometime after 3 a.m.

Despite the continual destruction of life and property caused by criminals on such a regular basis, the police hierarchy is adamant that their plan to fight crime is working.

Wayne Charlery, Assistant Commissioner of Police responsible for crime and intelligence management, this week said police in both Micoud and Vieux Fort do have a work plan which has pushed them to be very active in their respective communities.

Looking back at robberies that occurred earlier this year and last year, Charlery said police were not surprised of the date and time recent robberies occurred as there seems to be a pattern.

Charlery did not explain exactly how the police force was combating this pattern of robberies, however he consistently said the police force has a plan in place to deal with such crimes.

In fact, even as robberies continue to increase in various communities across the country, the police continue to show the face of bravery by sticking to their story that the plan they have in place to combat crime is working.

“There is a plan. We are continuing with that plan. That plan has been very fruitful,” Charlery said of both the Micoud and Vieux Fort police reiterating how he was briefed last week about the plan and that the plan is a good one.

With regards to the murders and robberies that have taken place in both communities Charlery said he is confident of the abilities of both the Micoud and Vieux Fort police to bring perpetrators to justice.

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