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Health And Wellness Ministry Debunks Killer Fruit Deception

THE Ministry of Health and Wellness has debunked a social media voice note claiming that five local fruits namely five fingers, mangoes, sugar apples, papaya and avocadoes are killer fruits having killed thousands of people over a period of time.

The voice in the audio clip was that of a woman with an accent not of Saint Lucia.

Chief Nutritionist in the Ministry of Health and Wellness, Lisa Hunt this week said that the very fruits mentioned in the voice note are very beneficial to health and that whoever said the fruits and vegetables grown in Saint Lucia were deadly is “nutritionally dense.”

“To date there have been no deaths or illnesses caused by those fruits and vegetables. I want to reassure Saint Lucians, do not let one video confuse us and allow us to doubt all the information and scientific research that has been done on the benefits of these fruits. Let us not allow one video by one individual to cause us not to consume healthy fruits that have shown benefits for fighting illnesses,” Hunt said.

She said the fruits are very beneficial to health; they are high in nutrients and certain chemicals which help to protect those who consume them from illnesses, boost the immune system and prevent certain chronic diseases. According to Hunt, the fruits in question are high in fiber and vitamin C which help combat damage to cells that help to restore our health. Avocado for instance is eaten all over the world and helps to fight bad cholesterol and improve good cholesterol.

“Remember our mothers and grandmothers all ate those fruits and research has proven that a plant based diet will help combat many of the chronic diseases that are plaguing us today,” said Hunt.

The Chief Nutritionist urged Saint Lucians to continue eating their fruits and vegetables for the numerous benefits to be gained.

“Let us not allow one person, whatever the motive may be, to cause us to doubt what we know about the health benefits of these fruits,” said Hunt.

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Since then he has remained with the Voice Newspaper, progressing from a cub reporter covering court cases and the police to a senior journalist with a focus on parliamentary issues, government and politics. Read full bio...


  1. They just want you to buy them Pills sold over the counter
    or by mail order. Don’t fall for it. Go for a walk daily, swim,
    or go workout at the gym. Stay away from chemical means
    but take it slowly, watch the heart. I still workout 12 hrs/ week.

  2. Yep! A strategy for people who live in tropical climates to buy their crappy pills. Unfortunately, a few people will be convinced. Those trees and shrubs around us hold the answers to our wellness. All their secrets will be revealed in time.

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