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KM2 Solutions 15-Year Anniversary: A History of Excellence

In 2004, KM2 Solutions opened its doors for the very first time.  Its original office was in the Caribbean country of St. Lucia, along the northern border of the city’s capital, Castries.  Fifteen years later, KM2 Solutions has grown to 10 offices in six countries and provides business services to clients in all major industries. 

Not only has KM2 been able to serve their clients to the highest of standards, but they’ve been able to bring careers and economic growth to regions with limited opportunities, employing 4000 people globally.  Even though the company continues to grow at an expansive rate a decade and a half later, its humble beginnings are still woven within its values and mission.  In fact, the building that first opened 15 years ago still proudly displays the company’s name.

With offices throughout the Caribbean and Latin America, KM2 Solutions has grown to become one of the premiere nearshore BPO companies.  The significant growth with its 15-year history has occurred in scale and scope, increasing in both industry verticals and services provided to clients.  At its start, KM2 was providing customer service phone support to a major online service provider.  Today, the company supports nearly every industry-type with a suite of multi-channel and multi-lingual services, and adheres to all specific quality, technology, logistical, and physical security standards.

Investing in the growth of the company means enriching the lives of those in the communities in which the company operates in.  KM2 has been a conduit for careers in regions of the world with limited opportunities.  In some locations, unemployment is as high as 35 percent according to official reports.  KM2 Solutions provides stable, year-round jobs that lead to supervisor, management and director careers.  These jobs also provide an ecosystem within the community inclusive of the food vendors that serve employees on lunch breaks, shuttle businesses that service transportation and other downstream impacts that extend beyond their office walls.

For 15 years, KM2 Solutions has been in business serving clients with best-in-class BPO services and providing nearshore communities with stable career opportunities.  KM2 is committed to continue investing and developing across this region, spending millions on new facilities, employee development programmes, telecommunication infrastructure, and giving back to the communities the company works within.  KM2 Solutions is fortunate to be celebrating 15-years in business and continues to plan for 15 more years, and beyond.  The company has truly had a history of excellence.

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