Deadline given to Secure St. Lucia Ltd

Things are looking up for employees of Secure St. Lucia Limited in their efforts to wrap up extremely long and outstanding matters such as overtime compensation and negotiations.

Acting Labour Commissioner Miss Cornelia Jn. Baptiste Wednesday gave the company’s management up to April 29 of this year to provide the information necessary to clear up all outstanding matters with employees.

Jn. Baptiste had summoned the Management of Secure St. Lucia Limited and the National Workers Union to a conciliatory meeting at the Department of Labour to hammer out the chinks in the outstanding issues and to discuss a 14 – day ultimatum from the National Workers Union.

That Wednesday meeting was as a result of a letter from the union demanding that the company engages the union to discuss the issues.

The union has since viewed the intervention by Jn. Baptiste as timely as it would help the parties resolve matters that have been outstanding for years.

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