Chamber Members Address Hot Topics at QGM

The Saint Lucia Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture hosted its first Quarterly General Meeting for 2019 on April 4th at the Finance Administrative Center in Pointe Seraphine with representatives of the Department of Sustainable Development and Attorney General’s Office making powerful and informative presentations.

After President Karen Peter welcomed members and brought them up to date on the extensive work that the Chamber has been carrying out since the November 2018 Annual General Meeting which saw her elected President, the Department of Sustainable Development took the podium. “Greening Our Environment; The Ban on Plastics” was the subject matter which attracted much interest and discussion. The private sector raised the issue that duties and other taxes on biodegradable products should be eliminated while those on plastics and Styrofoam should be increased to encourage the quicker phase-out of the undesirable products.

Mr. Brian Louisy, Executive Director of the Chamber of Commerce presented the Chamber’s 2019-2022 Strategic Plan and invited members to endorse the plan. He pointed out that the Revised Mission was “To foster sustainable business growth and development of our members through strong leadership, strategic advocacy and innovative services while enabling them to positively impact their Communities.”

The Revised Vision of the institution reads as follows “We are the driving force for sustainable business and community prosperity in Saint Lucia.”

The final presentation was delivered jointly by Mr. Calixte Leon; Executive Director of the Financial Services Regulatory Authority and Mr. Paul Thompson; Director of the Financial Intelligence Authority we spoke to the important subject of “Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing; Implications for and the Role of Chamber Members”.

The Quarterly General Meeting was sponsored by Digicel.

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