JICA Still Keeping St Lucia Green and Clean

PRESS RELEASE – ON Saturday 19th January 2019, the JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) Saint Lucia Office partnered with “Greening the Caribbean” for the first major clean-up activity for the year 2019 within the framework of the “Keep St Lucia Green & Clean” campaign.

The team made up of persons from all ages began the mission from the Massy Mega in Choc and cleaned their way to the end of the Choc Beach (close to the St. James Morgan Bay Resort).

Speaking to those present, Mr Wayne Neale of “Greening the Caribbean” explained clearly the impact that littering has on our society and implored the younger volunteers to pay closer attention to their quotidian habits as things which may be deemed unharmful actually do play a big part in the ripple effect, damaging our environment.

Mr Glen Lake, Officer with responsibility for Corporate Communication and Public Relations with the JICA Saint Lucia Office, commented: “Most people here in Saint Lucia are not fanatical environmentalists by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s part of our joint mission to “Keep Saint Lucia Green & Clean” and of course take care of the environment as much as possible.”

Mr Lake continued: “We should all do our part to reduce waste by using reusable items when we can and declining straws or utensils when we don’t need them.” The JICA representative stated that the clean-up campaign aims to motivate the community at large to keep their surroundings clean and that all the organisations present would continue advocating for a safer and cleaner environment for all in Saint Lucia.

The next campaign is slated for February and details of the same will be disseminated as they become available.

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