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I have no confidence in the Vote of No Confidence

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Independent Eye by Kensley Peter Charlemange

BY account of news in the media — be it print, electronic or social — a Motion of No Confidence is to be debated in the House of Assembly on Tuesday (January 29).

Winning this Vote of No Confidence in The Prime Minister is a tall order. Unlike Guyana recently, we do not need one but three defectors. I do not think that the opposition has pulled out all the punches and in as much as the majority of the people (I am being assumingly apprehensive here) has lost confidence in the prime minister, it comes down to 17 men and women.

No one in the UWP will wants to be painted as the Black Sheep. Self-preservation is the rule of in the game, here.

The opposition has not shown itself to be any different from the government. While the government wants to cling to power, the opposition only wants to grab it — at least so they have shown.

I had advised the opposition that they needed to change the narrative. Did the listen? No!

The opposition is made up of no different material than the government is. It feels that the Constitution is being violated on different counts — for example, the non-appointment of a Deputy Speaker. But if the opposition was true to honoring the Constitution, they would have appointed one from among them. But they, no less than the government, are willing to walk the moral high ground. They too, are about self-preservation. They have nothing on the government.

Has anyone of the opposition members come out to say ‘I will support King or Sarah or Bradley’? Imagine how much re-imaging of our politics would happen, if all six opposition members came out in public demonstration in support of another member of the government as Prime Minister, apart from themselves.

But this is the politics that we like and the leopard cannot change it spots. Not in this eternity. I would be happy to be proven wrong.

This system of government is about the preservation of the party, not the will of the people. But we like it so — and so we have to take what come with it.

There is a need for a paradigm shift in our politics and it is not going to happen under partisan politics. They have rejected constitutional reform. — all about self-preservation.

Politicians are there for their benefits, not ours. So, when I say I am not a politician, people should not take objection. I am another progressive. If I were a politician, I would behave like one.

This progressive presents to you the Independent Model, where every Member of Parliament sits as an equal in government. Their allegiance is to their constituents, not to a party.

Only then can you have a vote of conscience.

A successful vote of no confidence on Tuesday will be a miracle. DON’T expect it.

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