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Are we proud of who and what we’ve become?

Image of Carlton Ishmael
By Carlton Ishmael

IT’S like we have all drank from the same cup, or there is something sprayed in the air that we all breathe. Everybody seems so angry. Nobody cares about the other. It’s like a race to the top and all stragglers perish.

What has caused us to become such non-caring people? When did we change? What made us change? And why did we?

I am still trying to figure out the answers to those questions.

Going back about 20 years ago, things were still tough, yet we cared for each other. We found reasons to be helpful; we helped each other build our homes, plant our gardens babysit — in fact, we’d each keep an eye out for the whole neighbourhood and remained friends with everybody.

We respected the law and the elders, we protected the children, went to church, cherished education, etc. But where and when did all that disappear?

Are we proud of who we have become? Is that the benefit of development? Are these our new ideals? Have we traded cultures?

I am baffled.

Is there anyone among you with answers? I ask, because something has become drastically wrong. Is this what all our former leaders planned? Is this the result of our education? Is this the meaning of being in a liberated world?

Am I supposed to accept this new wave as the future norm? If so., I am thankful for yesterday. Changes, I know, are inevitable. But not all change is for the better and we must pay attention to these modern changes that we so dearly hold on to.

If we don’t revert to some of our values of the past, our new ways of life will spell doom. I pray that there are thinkers in the nation who are aware of this crisis time and will commit to reversing this change.

Money cannot be our only motivation to life, or we will continue to kill each other for it and live without souls and destroy the legacy of Good Over Evil.

Maybe re-education is the way to go… Could that be what needs changing? Let’s look outside the books, think outside the box and dream new visions, because the present course is leading to damnation.

As I get older I seem to worry that maybe we have failed the coming generation and we are to be blamed for who we have become. The question has always been ‘Who is to blame?’ or ‘Who will bell the cat?’ or ‘Who will cast the first stone?’ But history will reveal our failures and our triumphs — and if life was meaningful to each and every one of us.

So, again I ask: Are we proud of who we’ve become?

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