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Like, Really?

Image of Kensley Peter Charlemange
Image of Kensley Peter Charlemange
Independent Eye by Kensley Peter Charlemange

Must we import everything American?

Friday before last Digicel had this special promotion in light of their island wide LTE upgrade. As to whether it is an upgrade the verdict is still out there. I needed a phone because mine had fallen in water. $50 for a phone that usually cost $300+, now that’s a great deal. You would want to think that the company is genuine in their offer, they are doing this to pull customers away from the competition and you give them the benefit of the doubt that they are not just trying to get rid of old stock of phone for which you cannot get a battery replacement.

So the promotion is on a Friday and some say it is a black Friday. I guess it was because they ask people to get there as early as 6 am and the first person to get there gets a free phone. I know that I will certainly not be the one getting this free phone. Oh no papa. Not me. They can hold their free phone. I am not getting up in the wee hours of the morning for no free phone.

At 4:44 my phone rings. Who in heaven will be calling me at this unscrupulous hour. “Sorry to wake you up so early but Digicel is having a promotion.

Phones are $50.” Yeah. I know but the sales is from 6-8 am.

Calls me back in 10 minutes. “There is a long line already. Hurry up!” Man I had already plan to be there but I not getting there before six.

Calls back. “Don’t forget to bring you ID.” Okay boss. I am in no rush.

Heading down the road, I forgot my old phone. As if I read you had to bring your old phone. So I go back to get my old phone. I am not in you’ll Friday mad rush thing. I just want a phone.

Getting to the store it seems like people had slept right in front of the store. I am told that the first guy was there since 3 am. Mama moutou blan! For a phone buddy? Six o’clock come and gone the place cannot open yet. Lots of commotion on the outside. Lord, what did I get myself into? “Go back to your home boy,” I thought to myself. This is not your kind of lime.

“Door opens and the rush is on. The stamped is not without is shuffles, thrust, throbbing, curses and near fights.

“Boy move in this mayhem.” But would I listen? No! Well at least we were able to form a line. Good for you Lucians. But these people start cutting across and going towards the door. People who came in last are going in first.

Security is not adequate. You cannot have just one security guard when you are going to create that kind of a craze.

News is reaching our ears that there is only 70 phones and 700 people. Like really?. Being civil is not going to help out my cause. I am more than 70 persons down the line and people are buying phones by twos and I am even hearing three. Like really? Of course there is a cluster of people in front the door and customers who have been served have a hard time getting out.

Attempts at order fail and before you knew it I was one of those pushing to get it. Before long the store had more people that it could hold. The heat is on and the counter is doing a locomotion and the attendants are flaring.

Someone had to point me out as a politician. Papa Michigan! Or should that be machine gun!

Before 7:00 o’clock all the phones finish already. Like really? Now you just want to curse out Digicel and believe me some people did.

When America doing their thing don’t import it here please, please, please! A waste of people time. Oh, I was told to tell you all the cheese cake was knocking.

As if I did not hear much about Halloween parties this year, or was I just out in the woods?

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