‘DRIVEN TO WIN’ This Christmas with SNL!!!

PRESS RELEASE – The Saint Lucia National Lottery is giving a customer the opportunity to DRIVE into the New Year in style.  Every year the Saint Lucia National Lottery strives to create new and innovative campaigns to reward new and existing gamers for their loyalty throughout the years. Christmas is approaching and the year is almost coming to an end and we are taking things up a notch.  Not only will customers be winning cash daily as usual but we are even more delighted to reward one lucky gamer with a brand new 2018 Hyundai Creta SUV at the end of our Christmas Promotion “Driven to Win”.

The 2018 Hyundai Creta SUV is designed to give you the experience of a lifetime and that is exactly what SNL is about.  Here’s how to qualify for the opportunity to win.   Simply spend $10 on Big 4 or Lucky 3, each ticket will carry the letters S U or V, collect all the letters to spell the word SUV, fill out the SUV vouchers with your name, address and contact number, attach all three (3) vouchers and place in the second chance boxes island wide.  There are thousands of each letter out there so that means thousands of customers will have the opportunity to spell SUV to participate in the promotion.  Wait! there’s more.  In addition, customers will have the opportunity to win hams and wines instantly by spending $10 on Big 4 or Lucky 3.

In an effort to ensure customers in the outer districts receive their wines and hams in a timely manner we ask that they leave the voucher with the nearest agent and the hams and wines will be delivered to the agent who will inform you of the collection date.

Promotion rolls on from November 16th 2018 till December 31st 2018.  Redemptions will remain open until January 11th 2019.     Spell SUV TODAY for your chance to drive away in a brand new SUV!  (SNL)

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