Digicel Completing LTE Network Deployment in St. Lucia

PRESS RELEASE – TELECOMMUNICATION and entertainment company Digicel has announced it will very soon complete the final phases of its major mobile network upgrade.

“The culmination of the multi-million-dollar investment program will see residents and businesses in St. Lucia benefit from island-wide high speed LTE mobile data. It is anticipated that customers with compatible devices, will enjoy faster data speeds of the existing service,” the company’s Chief Executive Officer Siobhan James-Alexander said.

“Digicel will announce full details soon of the new LTE service and the steps they are taking to ensure the maximum number of people can benefit from the advantages in an affordable, simple way.”

James- Alexander added, “An island-wide LTE network will be a first for St. Lucia and will deliver great benefits and lifestyle changes to all Digicel customers. Once we switch the LTE network on, the only thing our customers will need to enjoy the benefits are a compatible SIM card, phone, LTE phone settings on and a data plan.”

“We continue to provided and make available to all customers free LTE compatible SIMs at any location across St. Lucia in an effort to ensure as many St. Lucians are ready and equipped for when we switch on our brand new nationwide LTE network.

“The final phase of network deployment and testing will see limited periods and locations experiencing some disruption to existing services. Digicel has committed to providing clear guidance for customers on its social media channels and via SMS. Customers are encouraged to follow Digicel on Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter to ensure they are aware of any planned service fluctuations,” the CEO added.

James- Alexander said, “We are always sensitive to any instance of disruption to service for our customers. That’s why we are taking steps to provide clear information and we are also ensuring that every affected customer will be adequately compensated at the end of this exercise.

“We are confident that people will appreciate this is a short-term inconvenience necessary for the long-term benefits of a better mobile internet experience from nationwide LTE across St. Lucia”

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