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Kudos to Dr Merle Clarke

THE EDITOR: Over the last five to ten years, the perception of many the world over, St. Lucia included, have felt that women need to play a stronger role in our daily lives.

This has been a tough pill for men to swallow who still view themselves as head of the household and beyond.

The recent disclosure by the Senior Medical Officer Merle Clarke clearly contradicts the president of the SLMDA, but more importantly, detailed measures taken by her well qualified staff at the EU hospital substantiated her comments.

We simply have to take note of her response and how well articulated her case was made. This is certainly a no-nonsense lady who is simply not afraid of her shadow.

Her comments were non-partisan and could not have been more professional. In the mind of many St. Lucians, this is the sought of individual who should be heading the SLMDA to bring a level of transparency and goodwill to an organization that has apparently lost its way for whatever reason or reasons, despite efforts by the perpetrators to undermine her professionalism by linking the deceased as her as her private patient.

St. Lucia is too small a nation to be put through any unnecessary turmoil within a profession that remains the pillar of our society.

What the SLMDA has done is to lump all medical practitioners together causing the public to view our practitioners as a group mercenaries.

It is high time the majority of the medical practitioners who have remained in the background not wishing to participate in the ongoing devious approach of their president by not reigning in the troublemakers to save the good name of the association.

(Oswald Augustin)

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  1. The position of Dr Clarke is exactly the type considered good by alfaka. Note her position is supportive of the government and this seem the sole criterion required to objective. Mr Common Sense must understand certain things here. St Lucia is supposed to be a democratic country hence his love for his country should reflect that spirit and not that of division. This sppear to be exactly what this party is all about: divide and rule. Chastanet seem to think the only one with a legitimate mandate in this country is him. Someone should let him know he his wrong. Every elected member of all organisation deserve respect on the basis of being an elected member.

    Day by day this man’s actions proves me right about him. His problem is that he thinks he is too important. No one…no one is indispensable. Never for once think the country can’t do without you Mr PM. The quicker you accept that the quicker you begin to appear like one who cares about the country. Maybe you Oswald can convey the message. In fact your common should dictate that you do.

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