Rayneau’s Promotes Massive Development Project for Cul de Sac and Country

FOR the past eighteen or more months, you must have been one of those curious commuters or pedestrian traversing the Cul de Sac road near Kimakaze and wondering what is going on there – it’s the Cul de Sac Development Project. This project, sources close to Mr Gajadhar reveal, is a shopping/services complex, never seen before, that will uplift the Cul de Sac Valley, and by extension St Lucia. It promises to be the business Mecca on the island.

Dale Elliott, the host of “Untold Stories,” was nearing the completion of the documentary “Unbridled Ambition” when he poised his penultimate question to RayneauGajadhar. “Ray, its twenty eighteen, where do you go from here? Tell me of your next big project, for you and for St Lucia?” Rayneau was about to blow a few mind outta space with his revelation.

“I have a couple of big plans. One of them is the Cul de Sac Development, which is a very big development, that I will go ahead and do immediately once we get from government the necessary concessions that they give to everybody else, and I think this is going to make a major change not for just Cul de Sac but for St Lucia.” Rayneau divulged.

The Cul de Sac Development Project will entail: Retail, Restaurants, Hotel, Convention centres, Offices, Storage facilities and Agricultural processes.

Dale shifted a bit with his final question when he asked Rayneau, “Perhaps there might be somebody out there with an idea, a dream, the drive, but no support, no financing, what would you say to that person?”

Rayneau in typical, composed and confident manner replied. “The dream is bigger than their finance. The dream is bigger than what they can really do, and I think one has to come back to dream to what I can afford.”

He went on to speak about his modus operandi when he started in business. The CEO of RG Group of Companies said that when he started his only thought he had at the time, was the level he thought he could reach. After attaining this milestone, he said he’d moved on to another stage.

In his own words, “When I started I started to dream about only what I had at the time. And we must always start to where we can reach and then move on. It is pointless wanting to build a shuttle to go into space to take people up for $200,000.00, when you can’t pay your passage to pay a plane to go to Trinidad.”

In his closing, Rayneau left this message which can serve the new entrepreneur well as well as all St Lucians. “The thinking has to be readjusted in an effort to move forward.” (Source: Rayneau’sblogspot)

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