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Mayor approves new market Re-development design

This is what the Castries Market is planned to look like...

HIS Worship, Mayor Peterson D. Francis is ecstatic and very contented with the new design for the Castries Market Project which is now at an advanced stage.

The redesign which was done by the architectural section within Department of Physical Planning comprises several components including a food court, high-end air conditioned restaurants, craft market, box park, viewing tower, entertainment area, meat and fish depots and duty-free shopping boutiques.

This is what the Castries Market is planned to look like...
This is what the Castries Market is planned to look like…

The redevelopment of the Castries Market will create a nexus between Saint Lucia’s goods and services exports and the vending opportunities that are available which will in turn promote excellence and authenticity and provide an upgrade for product display and quality.

In addition, the project will assist in ensuring that the products sold are authentically Saint Lucian, increase the diversity and creativity of the vending activities for a more attractive and esthetically pleasing display. It will also create a unique experience for visitors by distinguishing it from other Caribbean markets and generally elevate the standard of vending and customer service to international standards.

Speaking to the new design, Mayor Francis says the intention is to achieve a public space which appeals to visitors, citizens and vendors.

“It will do so by integrating the history, culture and architecture. The redesign of the Castries Market forms part of the wider revitalization and redevelopment of the City of Castries, with the Market being one of the main features within this extensive redevelopment.”

Construction work is expected to begin in the summer of this year.

All stakeholders will be engaged and can expect the designs to be made public in the coming weeks along with an active consultative and awareness campaign. (CCC)

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  1. Dear Mayer Francis, I’m glad that you are ecstatic and very contented with the new Design.
    The new design of which a partial perspective is shown here is something I would rather hold
    my opinion on,for now. What exactly is a viewing Tower and to view what? an entertainment area?
    as for entertainment – hold it right there. This is not a private enterprise, mind you, so we should
    tread softly here. In ” St.Lucia where we are happy ” in Jeremie Street where we are flamboyant in all
    we do and care for, so let’s not get carried away with too much entertainment in a public Market
    on Jeremie Street, where reservation is already made for “High-end A.C. Restaurants” figure it out.
    Just make sure who ever is to run any High-end Restaurant is given the ultimate of protection from
    the very beginning – you know what I mean. Against strong resistance, try to resist amounts of alcohol outlets.

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