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Neville Cenac Gets Queen’s Nod For Governor General Role

Image of Neville Cenac
Neville Cenac

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet has announced that Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II was pleased to approve the appointment of Emmanuel Neville Cenac as the new Governor General of Saint Lucia, effective January 1, 2018.

Cenac, a former elected MP for the constituency of Laborie, has previously served as Saint Lucia’s Minister for Foreign Affairs and also as President of the Senate. He was intricately involved in the movement for Windward Island unity.

An elder statesman, Cenac, who is highly respected in the legal fraternity, retired from active political service in 2006 and has since written extensively on the Constitution of Saint Lucia.
In making the announcement, Prime Minister Chastanet profusely thanked former Governor General, Dame Pearlette Louisy, for her service.

“Dame Pearlette will always remain an icon in our country as the first woman to hold this office and the longest-serving Governor General,” stated Chastanet. “She is also one of our country’s leading educators having served at varying levels in the noble profession of teaching. I know that Dame Pearlette will continue to make a contribution to the development of our country.”

In order to facilitate the transition, the Government had been in dialogue with Dame Pearlette, who marked her 20-year anniversary as Governor General in September 2017, with a calendar of activities in tribute.

“We will always love Dame Pearlette Louisy,” added the Prime Minister. “She has served this country exceptionally and on behalf of the people of Saint Lucia and the Government, I say an immense thank you to Her Excellency Dame Pearlette for her grace and her counsel.”
Cenac will take the Oath of Office at an Installation Ceremony on Friday, January 12, 2018.


  1. Listen guys, cut the bull. He is a good pick. He speaks our mother tongue patois
    grammatically and a master with the English, a great sense of humour, a legal mind
    so what more do you want. Before our great Dame, we had a mere civil servant also
    Mallet,this is merely an appointment until both political Parties come to their senses
    and abolish the term Governor General and name a President whose function would
    not necessarily be subservient to any foreign power, but still retain ties with the common
    wealth nations as before. The Cenac family are from the inner heart of St. Lucia, Soufriere
    and boy, you can’t argue with that.So Sir Neville, may the good Lord above bless you mightily.

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