Odyssey Media Filming ‘Honeymoon In Paradise’ In Saint Lucia

Image: The ‘Honeymoon in Paradise’ crew.

PRESS RELEASE – THE star of “Honeymoon in Paradise” is the island nation of St. Lucia. Its eternal beauty was the obvious choice by Executive Producers Kirk Shaw (Odyssey Media and Wonderfilms – best known for Hurt Locker) and Rolfe Auerbach (Brand in Entertainment – best known for Lone Survivor and The Apprentice with Donald Trump.)

Image: The ‘Honeymoon in Paradise’ crew.
The ‘Honeymoon in Paradise’ crew.

The romantic comedy – about a reality show in which one young man and one young woman will marry in this ideal tropical setting of St. Lucia and win fabulous prizes – is being shot throughout the island.

Spotlighting the Pitons, Diamond Falls and Botanical Gardens, ZipLining and a catamaran ride through Soufriere, the film will be released at Christmas 2018. Anticipated theatrical releases in the US will include New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Dallas, San Francisco/San Jose, Washington DC, Houston, Boston and Atlanta as well as, after a short break, Internet Services and Cable Broadcast Networks.

Auerbach said, “We are overjoyed to be working with the wonderful people of St. Lucia, who have welcomed our project into their home and lives. The opportunity to feature the amazing backdrop of this exquisite island paradise is unparalleled.”

Shaw said, “As our special announcement, our international cast and crew are happy to welcome a St. Lucian actress in her debut performance. Claudia Edward-Ladner joins William Mc-Namara, Patricia De Leon, Jason Faunt, Erin Mulvey, Katya Bakat and Sammi Barber – actors from the USA, Canada, Panama, Russia, and now St. Lucia!”

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