PRESS RELEASE – St. Jude Hospital To Host Diabetes Eye Specialist

ST. JUDE Hospital will be hosting a Diabetes Eye Specialist from Monday, November 20 to Friday, December 1.

Dr. Jeevak Lal, a longstanding volunteer with St. Jude Hospital, will be seeing patients who are newly-diagnosed and chronic diabetics. He volunteered with St. Jude Hospital in June this year and, based on the number of diabetic cases he managed vis-a-vie the number of cases of diabetes in St Lucia, Dr. Lal thought it necessary to make a second visit this year.

Eye complications are very common with diabetes which, if treated early, can prevent blindness.

Physicians are kindly requested to refer diabetic patients to see Dr. Lal during the above-mentioned period for basic eye examinations and laser treatment if indicated. The visit costs $50.

For appointments and more information, please call 459-6700 or 459-6750.

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