Mizik A Nou All-Stars To Make WCMF Appearance

THEY are among the leading lights of Dominica’s music -– Cornell Phillip, Michele Henderson, Elijah Benoit, Martindale Olive, Carlyn XP and Webster Marie — and they are combining to form the Mizik A Nou All-Stars at this year’s World Creole Music Festival with an appearance on Night Three at Festival City, Windsor Park Sports Stadium, Roseau, Dominica.

They will combine their tremendous performing talents to deliver a highly-anticipated performance highlighting the numerous hit songs from the four World Creole Music Festival Commemorative Compilations of the “Mizik A Nou” hit series.

The Mizik A Nou compilations, which coincided with the start of the WCMF in 1997, have been described as “a masterpiece representing the roots and future of Dominica’s Cadence-lypso”. The WCMF Commemorative Compilations, which were first produced between 1997 and 1999, and the most recent in 2016, feature several leading performing artistes, writers, musicians, and producers led by the incomparable Cornell Phillip and include Edmund Angol, Martindale Olive, Donavan Gabriel, Michele Henderson, Elijah Benoit, Pelham Jno. Baptiste, Herbie Jack, Ashton Lugay, Carlyn XP, Webster Marie, and Chad Augustine.

The “Mizik A Nou Hit Series”, which was inspired by Cornell Phillip, Edmund Angol and now-deceased Dominica Festivals Committee Executive Director, Eddie Toulon, provided fans and festival lovers at home and abroad with a wide mix of Cadence-lypso music and helped to inspire a new generation of musicians to the power and creativity of the Dominican music. It gave fans something to hold on to as they celebrated the three nights of pulsating rhythms. The songs were anthems to fans and gifts to visitors and friends of the festival and Dominica’s music culture.

The series produced a string of hits, many of which have become a major part of the festival experience and the rich legacy of the festival over these past twenty years. The best- known of the hits include “Sa Ki Pa Ni”, “Jouer Kadans” and “Sa ki Sa-w” in 1997; “Hossey”, “Dancé Kolé”, “Sacrifice”, and “Ba mwen Bouyon” in 1998; and “Dominique Vivan”, “Rhum Sung”, “Espwa” in 1999; and “Sélébwé” in 2016.

This is certain to be a moment of great nostalgia and a time to relive the early years of the Festival. Come ready to dance, sing and celebrate the 20 years of this great festival movement.

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