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Piton Film Festival Begins August 13

IN a few days’ time, founder of the Piton International Film Festival (PIFF), Edward “Bro Umoja” Herman, will arrive in Saint Lucia to wrap-up planning for the 4th edition of PIFF.

PIFF begins on Sunday, August 13, continuing through to Saturday, August 19. The week-long festival is more than just the screening of films, although, of course, films will be the anchor and central to the festival that has grown since its inception in 2014.

This year is going to be the best so far — packed with workshops, discussions, performances, exchanges, and sharing.

The purpose of PIFF is threefold:

1. PIFF is a family-friendly event that encourages unity within diverse families, giving them an opportunity to watch, discuss, learn, and enjoy films together.

2. PIFF is part of a 12-month initiative that focuses on celebrating, educating, exploring, and understanding the various aspects that are needed in the production of filmmaking.

3. PIFF seeks to create economic and employment opportunities for individuals.

Bro Umoja, a St. Lucian based in the U.S.A., is fired up about the limitless possibilities that are available to Saint Lucians worldwide in an industry that churns billions of dollars, directly and indirectly. All he wants is for St. Lucians to recognize these possibilities to infuse them with economic advancement for themselves and our nation.

He said he was inspired by the words of former Prime Minister, Sir John Compton, who challenged St. Lucians living overseas to help develop their homeland.

This is a 12-month labour of love each year for Bro. Umoja; his wife, Dr Kathleen Walls; and his Umoja Communications Company Ltd.

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