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‘Just Us Kids’ Dominate Junior Carnival

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Band Wins 7th Straight Band of the Year Title.

JUST US KIDS Carnival Band won their seventh consecutive band of the Year title on Sunday with their theme portrayal of “MkaliAfrika” (“Bright Africa”). The band won with 438 points.

Gros Islet Community Carnival Band placed second with 378 points for their “Soleil” while RoyalitesXtreme Kiddies’ “Sunset To Sunrise” came in third with 357 points. Splash HD’s “Fantasies of Music” placed fourth with 334 points.

Just Us Kids also dominated the Individual of the Year category, winning with Mya Gustave (“Afro Beat”) on 398 points. Fellow band mates rounding out the next three spots were Amelia Charlemagne (“Tharaka Girl”) – 389 points, Vivianne Calderon (“Bush Doctor”) – 385 points and Dahalia St. Jules (“Waist Beads”) – 368 points.

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Just Us Kids placed first and second in the King of the Band category with Limarni Lewis’ “Babtoo” (415 points) and Jesse Cornibert’s “Zulu Shujaa” (400 points). Splash HD’s Renaldo Etienne placed third with “Roots and Soul” (396 points) and Gros islet Community Carnival Band fourth with Ethan Peter’s “Jean Gros Islet Jazz Band” (325 points).

Just Us Kids also placed first and second in the Queen of the Band category with Nyla Alexander’s “Dance For Freedom” (406 points) and Marlia Crick’s “Isis” (395 points). Gros Islet Community Carnival Band placed third with Britney Mangal’s “Soleil” (350 points) while Just 4 Fun’s Hailey James’ “Escape To Rio” and Insommeil’s Sacha Cadette’s “Birds In The Flower Garden” tied with 263 points for fourth place.

Despite the decrease in numbers this year, the young revelers seemed to have had a great time eventually. However, the long delay in starting the event seemed to have taken a toll on many children who were forced to stand in the blistering sunshine before the proceedings finally began.

Eight bands participated in this year’s Junior Carnival: Delights, RoyalitesXtreme, Just For Fun, Insommeil, Just Us Kids, Storm, Gros Islet Community Carnival Band and Splash HD.

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