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SLP Flays Gov’t on SLNT Subvention Cut

OPPOSITION Leader, Phillip J. Pierre

THE Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) strongly condemns the action by Prime Minister Allen Chastanet and his government in withdrawing the annual subvention to the Saint Lucia National Trust for the first time since the Trust was formed in 1975 by the government of the former Prime Minister, Sir John Compton, some 42 years ago.

Image of Phillip J Pierre
Phillip J Pierre

SLP Political Leader, Philip J. Pierre, has described the move by the Allen Chastanet regime as “vicious, vindictive and reeking of victimization.”

According to the SLP Leader, “It is clear that the move by Mr. Chastanet as Minister for Finance is in retaliation to the Saint Lucia National Trust’s principled position on the Dolphin Park at Pigeon Island National Landmark and the DSH Project and its environmental impacts.”

The Saint Lucia Labour Party wishes to place on record its support for the National Trust as the legal entity entrusted with the protection of our environment and patrimony.

The SLP also reaffirms its non-discriminatory policy on governance and puts Prime Minister Chastanet on notice that such acts of pettiness and bullying will not be accepted by the Opposition and the people of Saint Lucia.

The SLP also wishes to assure the Saint Lucia National Trust that we will restore its subvention upon our return to government.


  1. Note the last sentence: “…that we will restore…”

    Is this an article by a Voice reporter or a SLP Press Release cut and pasted to represent actual Voice third-party journalism?

    Press Releases should be identified as such, up front. That is a hallmark of integrity and transparency in media, otherwise no one can be certain as to what they are reading on this site is an actual article or simply a press release (otherwise known as “cheap content giving free advertising”).

    Given its rich history, the Voice can surely do better than that…

    1. If you have nothing to significant to say shut up Calvin. You are one those whose interpretation of the word disinterested means in your interest and against that of your opponents. The way I read St Lucia politics is that it is a vicious cycle. When parties are elected their supporters cry out for jobs even if that means victimising those in those jobs.

      I tell you now stop looking for what you can get out of the instead of looking for ways to do something for the common good. Being ready to give heart and soul to see the country created in the image of Chastanet is a useless exercise. His bad habits will only lead to discontentment for he and his party will not rule the country forever.

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