Springer To Lecture on Culture of Chinas

Image of Mr Denys Springer

THE UWI Open Campus Saint Lucia will on Tuesday host a public lecture entitled “The Evolving Culture and Identity of China and Taiwan”, in collaboration with the Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan) Saint Lucia and the Saint Lucia Republic of China (Taiwan) Alumni Association.

The lecture will be delivered by well-known political commentator and lecturer Mr Denys Springer, who recently completed a six month attachment as a Research Fellow at the prestigious Academia Sinica in Taiwan.

Image of Mr Denys Springer
Mr Denys Springer

The lecture will explore the evolving culture and identity of China and Taiwan. It will also consider whether these changes, especially amongst the youth, represent an impediment to Unification.

The lecture will be followed by a discussion of the issues presented and some light refreshment.

Mr Denys Springer attended Westminster University London where he read for a first degree in the Social Sciences with a focus on Political Sociology, Conservation and Rural Studies and Industrial Relations. Thereafter, he also successfully completed a Diploma in Labour Studies and Industrial Relations.

This was later followed by a Master’s degree undertaken at Birkbeck College, London University in the areas of Conflict Resolution, Mediation and Arbitration, and then by the attainment of a Post Graduate Certificate in Education.

In 2012 Springer had the honour of being chosen as a Research Fellow at the Institute of International Relations, National Chengchi University, Taiwan. The focus of his research (with the long term goal of publishing a book on the subject) was on whether the democratization of Taiwan could be seen as an impediment to a “One China” principle.

In 2016, Springer was once again selected as a Research Fellow by one of the most prestigious research Institutions in Taiwan – the Academia Sinica. This latest research at Academia dealt with the Culture and Identity of Taiwan and China.

Springer also wears several other hats, serving as a Mediator for the Eastern Caribbean High Court, an educator and freelance writer. He is a former Lecturer of the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College, where he taught 1st and 2nd year UWI degree courses. Springer currently lectures on part-time basis at The UWI Open Campus Saint Lucia.

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