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Prince Harry’s Brief Visit

PRINCE Harry sailed into a glorious Saint Lucian sunset yesterday evening from Soufriere after more than 24 hours on island arriving here late Thursday afternoon at Pointe Seraphine in Castries.

Whatever his impressions of the island and its people were we are not privy to, however it is hoped that he left with positive impressions of us as a people and country.

Image: Prince Harry’s Brief  Visit

Between his entrance and exit he met with all sectors of the population, from those pulling the strings of power to the young people either in quasi military gear, like the young female cadet he briefly spoke to at Pointe Seraphine (in picture) while inspecting the Guard of Honour, to those passionate about our environment whom he met at Pigeon Island National Park and those he rubbed shoulders with at a cricket match at the Daren Sammy Cricket Stadium, who are passionate about the sport.

It is hoped that his visit will redound to the overall benefit of the country as we settle down to our everyday work programmes and that he takes positive vibes about St. Lucia back to Buckingham Palace and to the Queen whose emissary he is during his tour of the Caribbean.


  1. I firmly believe that a community based –minded constabulary is intrinsically more valuable to nation building than its Army counterpart-if any.
    The success of Costa Rica comes to mind.
    Closer to home the thankfully aborted coup attempt by Dominica’s experiment with its initial Defense Force (small army) was a disaster never worth repeating.
    However, I believe that a viable Cadet Corps well trained and integrated are a priceless nation building resource;
    not to mention the impact on positive character traits.
    The Prince, familiar with the rigors of military training and service could have chosen a more “Sergeant York” communiqué for this cadet exchange, instead he chose his late mother’s ‘people’ are ‘people’ approach- and it shows in the “trying hard to hold emotion of this cadet”.
    Great photography and brilliant message conveyed.
    Hurrah Cadet Corps.

  2. @Dassault. Very good and positive comment. I live now in Panamá close to the border of Costa Rica. The police in Panamá is plentiful and well trained/equipped. Excellent (to be copied by SLU police force) would be the so called LINCE Panamá (search on Youtube). Cross motor cycles with 2 heavily armed police man. The one in the back has a machine gun.

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