13 End Digital Internship Training

Image: Some of those who did the internship

The OECS Commission held a graduation ceremony last Friday to commemorate the completion of its first ever OECS Digital Internship Programme. Thirteen individuals from three OECS member states graduated from the three-month online course.

The programme was coordinated and led by Digital Media Consultant to the OECS, Anushka Singh. Through an online platform, Ms. Singh provided training in Digital Marketing while having the interns contribute to the launch and execution of the OECS YES Digital Media Strategy. The development of the Internship Programme further facilitated the development of the overarching OECS Youth Strategy by allowing youth to have hands-on involvement in initiatives for their peers.

Image: Some of those who did the internship
Some of those who did the internship

In her address at the ceremony, Singh outlined her vision for this inaugural Internship programme,

“My intention here was to expose these young people to tasks outside of their comfort zones. To incite in them a passion for Digital Marketing – a role that involves planning, coordination, strategy, design, writing and reporting.

“Apart from these technical skills they were also exposed to organizational and collaborative skills needed in the workplace such as time management, communication, and most of all teamwork”.

As part of the ceremony, three interns were recognized as top performers in the Programme. These three interns, Shanya Evans; Racquel John; and Asha Nelson, were credited for their skills, work ethic and disposition as well as their ambition in performing above and beyond expectations.

In her statement on behalf of the intern graduating class, Asha Nelson said: “I hope that the OECS YES Internship is continued. It is beneficial and encourages our youth to envision themselves as a valuable resource.

“By self-investment through internships one can deconstruct the realm of unemployment. On behalf of myself and my intern class, I once again express our sincere gratitude for the opportunity the OECS Commission, Dr.Didacus Jules and Anushka Singh have provided for us.

“I leave by saying this to my fellow youth across the Caribbean region, ‘If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far, go together,’” Nelson said.

Director General of the OECS Commission, Dr. Jules, expressed his satisfaction with the overall Internship Programme and the work of the interns in the success of the OECS YES platforms.

Dr. Jules also urged young persons to be open to exploring opportunities across the region and across the world, stating that these young graduates have a significant advantage having worked for a regional organisation.

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