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Mary-Juliana-Brice2HOW good are you into the act of obedience? Are you ready to obey, and are you obeying continuously? Obedience is something that persons disregard and do not think is an important aspect in their lives. Things are either good or bad, and so one has to be obedient to the good, and not the bad.

Do we ever begin by showing our obedience to God? If we do so, we will be very much related to every act of obedience.

Disobedience is very well related in the lives of many people, as it is all about them, what they want, what they would like, and what will work out for them. Because of this, obedience is never being questioned, and it is all about the disobedience in their lives’ activities. Do we recognise that disobedience brings problems in our lives? Do we obey our parents, friends, workers, teachers or our Gospel readings? Does this matter? It does, for if we do not obey, it makes us encounter difficulties.

This is something we should take note of, and then we could be obedient to our parents. In so doing our family will have a happy life, and would not experience too many daily difficulties. If someone has a plan, and there is disobedience in the organisation, then they will encounter many problems. Jesus was obedient, even unto death. So why are we not recognising our acts of obedience?

Why do we disobey even if we know what is right? We want to feel better about what we want and who we are. It is all about us, and we do not care at all if it affects someone else. We disobey because of selfishness, as we want to do all our own things. Are we aware that obedience is our duty in life? If we do the right things, we will have an enjoyable life as we won’t have persons accusing or attacking us for our disobedience.

Obedience is something we should teach our children from small. Why should you let the children be disobedient in many aspects of their lives, and we expect them to grow up properly, and be able to have peaceful encounters in all things? May we speculate on this, and change our attitude if we were not aware of the effect of disobedience.

Sometimes we please others by our disobedience, but this is not pleasing to God. We protect wrong doings, not thinking about the acts of disobedience, and this is why many of us have never taken opportunities to recognise the effects of disobedience. It is almost as if this is not important, and so we continue in this way with our lives. However, we should always recognise what is wrong or right, and so if we do what is right we will be totally related to God, and will serve Him faithfully and assist many others.

Let us all reflect on this act of obedience, and in so doing our lives will change in a very special way. It will be lovely to reduce all the difficulties that have been going on because of disobedience. Let us try to do what is right and so we will be blessed in a very special way.

Thank you for negotiating this one.

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  1. Yes we Looshans are ready to OBEY
    shall SHACKLE us with
    Please no bull whip or rattan cane are necessary
    We shall comply even better than a hungry Jamet………waiting for a dropped sardine from Conway “wharf rats”
    Tell your Massa he nuh hav to worry…….scene?

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