Taiwan To Set Up CCTV Cameras In Castries

THE government of Taiwan has agreed to assist in efforts to restore Castries.

Taiwan’s Ambassador to St Lucia Ray Mou has pledged to work closely with the Castries City Council to improve living conditions and relations between Taiwan and the capital city.

During an official call on the Mayor of Castries, Peterson Francis, security matters were also discussed.

“We have already talked to the government of St Lucia about how can we help to facilitate the security procedures for the police officers,” Mou said, adding that Taiwan will be seeking to set up CCTV cameras along the streets of the capital to help reduce crime.

He noted that Taiwan would also promote co-operation between the police of the two countries and expressed hope that St Lucia and Taiwan could have an agreement to introduce training programmes for local police at the university in Taiwan.

The Taiwanese Ambassador also said Castries and Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, are sister cities.

“That means the relations are already close.I am happy that I can work even more for the two beautiful Cities – they are both dynamic in business.”

Mou recalled that Taiwan had donated several bins to St Lucia in the past to help with keeping Castries clean.

He said there could be further initiatives from Taiwan to help improve the environment here.

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