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Pinehill Donates to World Pediatric Project

img: Representatives of Peter & Company Distribution and The World Pediatric Project at check presentation.
img:  Representatives of Peter & Company Distribution and The World Pediatric Project at check presentation.
Representatives of Peter & Company Distribution and The World Pediatric Project at check presentation.

Organizers of the 17th annual Pinehill Walk has fulfilled their commitment to donating part of the proceeds from this year’s event to the “World Pediatric Project.” The Pinehill Walk was held this year on Sunday August 21, 2016 with a theme “Be part of the movement.” The walk, which started near the Saab at Vigie, saw more than five thousand participants walking to the finish line at Pigeon Point where a number of Health and Lifestyle engagements were held.

A short presentation ceremony to the World Pediatric Project was held last recently at the conference room of Peter & Company Distribution (PCD). PCD is the distributor of Pinehill juices and Milk here in Saint Lucia.

The World Pediatric Project comprises a large group of experienced medical doctors who periodically visits Saint Lucia to assist critically ill children in need of life changing surgeries. Most of these are done in the United States of America. In partnership with the Ministry of Health here, the WPP provides advanced surgical and diagnostic care to Saint Lucian children up to the age of twenty-one.

Greg Mathurin, Senior Sales and Marketing Manager at PCD who chaired the presentation said that he was excited about this year’s decision for the walk to contribute to the World Pediatric Project. “There is no greater pleasure in doing something not for yourself but in doing something that will benefit others and the sector this project is assisting, is one of the most vulnerable sectors – kids with life threatening ailments,” Mathurin says.

CEO of PCD Ricardo Leonard spoke of the role the walk has played over the years in encouraging participants to live healthier lifestyles before, during and after the event. “And this year, thanks to our partners and participants we have raised funds to donate to the World Pediatric Project,” Leonard stated at the presentation.

Revisiting this year’s walk Krystal Francois Brand Manager for Pinehill, noted that with over 5,000 participants recorded in 2016, the walk continues to be the nation’s largest participatory sporting event. “And today we are fulfilling our commitment of making a donation to the World Pediatric Project,” Francois says. “This would not be possible without the commitment of our sponsors Digicel 4G, Blue Waters, RCI, Grace, Farmers Choice, Scotia Bank, Seven Seas, Choice TV, Winners TV, Tours n Travel, Exel Signs, Landmark Events, Colgate, Kotex, M&C drugstore and Diquez,” she added. The success of the walk according to her, would also not be possible without the walkers, partners, volunteers and staff.

“You all play an essential role in the success of the Pinehill Funwalk, and as such we thank you for encouraging active and healthy lifestyles. And so today we are able to make a difference in the lives of critically ill children who are in need to life changing surgeries,” Francois expressed.

A check of EC$5,000 was later presented to representatives of the World Pediatric Project.
Cecile Charles who represents the Dove Club a supporting group of the World Pediatric Project, speaking at the presentation thanked PCD for their generosity. “We are very thankful that Peter and Company has come on board to assist the children of Saint Lucia and we will ensure that this goes a long way to ensure that our parents who are in need for osteoporosis for their children which is very expensive, will benefit from this,” Charles says.

Dr. Sharon Belmar George, Officer for Health in the Ministry of Health commended PCD firstly for working with the Ministry of Health in terms of using the walk to mitigate the impact of chronic non communicable diseases and also supporting WPP. She explained that the WPP had signed a five year MOU with the Ministry of Health and provides support to the Ministry through specialist pediatricians and surgeons at no cost to parents.

Peter & Company has pledged to continue working with the World Pediatric Project in getting the word out about their very worthy cause.

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