SLTB Woos Travel Agents

THE Saint Lucia Tourist Board has launched its annual travel agent incentive programme, Saint Lucia Agent Months (SLAM).

Created to showcase Saint Lucia to visiting travel agents, SLAM runs through November 30, and includes booking incentives and special rates on accommodations.

Designed to provide travel agents with an immersive Saint Lucia experience, the Tourist Board has planned diverse tours, land and sea excursions, and opportunities to enjoy authentic island cuisine. SLAM also grants agents access to the island’s award-winning hotels and resorts through planned site inspections.

“Saint Lucia Agent Months are back by popular demand,” said Tracey Warner Arnold, deputy director of Tourism for the Saint Lucia Tourist Board. “Travel agents appreciate the flexibility to explore and enjoy the island as their clients would, which ultimately helps travel agents create memorable vacations, honeymoons and even weddings for their clients.”

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  1. “SLTB Woos Travel Agents”
    Maybe we should get out of the business of wooing Travel Agents; and get into the business of wooing tourists.

    Four years ago we brought these Travel Agents to St.Lucia only to see our tourists numbers fall.
    Three years ago we did the same thing, and the numbers continue to fall.
    Two years ago we repeated ourselves, and the same thing happened.
    And what did we do this year? We brought them back again since we consider the past few years to be so successful. What a joke!!!

    Promoting our island through advertisment and wooing Travel Agents can only take us so far; but the folks at the SLTB just can’t seem to get that thru their thick skulls. The Tracey Warner Arnolds of that agency haven’t come to the realization that a clean, tidy and low-crime St.Lucia will, in the long run, bring more tourists to our shores than all the advertisments in the world.

    So Tracy, you and your colleagues at the SLTB should get into your jumpsuits and start scrubbing and painting the city of Castries; clearing and planting flowers along our highways, etc., etc.; and leave those tarvel agents in their countries, because they cannot force a tourist to come to a dirty crime ridden St.Lucia.

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