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By Peter Josie
By Peter Josie

FOR the most part my public political life has been an open book. After the demise of George Odlum and John Compton, and viewing their departure against the backdrop of the new quirky characters that local politics was throwing up, I decided to withdraw completely from the political scene and concentrate instead on writing, including books, if I could. The passing of Jon Odlum confirmed that decision.

Lo and behold, up came new faces into the United Workers Party (UWP), including Dr Ubaldus Raymond, Dr Gail Rigobert, Mary Isaac, Dominic Fedee and of course the Francis Brothers and Bradley Felix. The new blood lifted my spirits. Here at last appeared a sample of men and women with potential to make a fresh start by fashioning a formula to work with the experienced ones Compton left behind him. At last, a new and better path offered new hope.

This new thrust can eventuate in success provided it takes the public with it. The electorate must be at the center of every aspect of government plans and work. Becoming deserving of their confidence is crucial. Every question ought to be answered as truthfully as possible; every false argument turned on its head. Lies, distortions and silence are anathema to good governance. Explain, explain, and explain! Communicate, communicate, and communicate!

And trust the people to understand. Do not allow fifth columnists and disrupters to spread poison without robust challenge and pointing the people in the direction of truth. There are persons who are past masters at running their mouths. The St. Lucia Forum and later the progressive wing of the SLP gave them a voice, they often abuse.

In the present matter involving a large foreign investment, the ideal approach is to allow those public servants and technicians who were at the centre of the design and planning, answer questions about the project. It makes no sense that Ministers of the former government who were as quiet as a church mouse when this matter was first discussed over a year ago should now try and pretend that they are hearing these proposals for the first time. Someone should tell these jokers to stop bluffing the people of Saint Lucia.

The SLP hacks apparently spend their waking hours trying to twist and disfigure the truth until it becomes unrecognizable? I’ve always maintained that liars know when they’re lying. They know because they are aware of the truth. That awareness makes them capable of bending and distorting the truth. The objective of trying to discredit truth and make it into a lie must not be allowed to stand. No country or people can progress guided by a lie and/or, by liars.

There is one reality no Saint Lucian can longer ignore. The people know the truth and those who don’t will recognize it when it’s explained to them. If a political hack wishes to distort the truth to suit his or her party agenda, he or she should be called out and shamed for the world to see. Sometimes, the truth is difficult to accept because some people listen and hear with their emotions and not with their ears and their brain. Practical results from which they benefit, will help them see.

A recent example will suffice. Take the case of the ismissal of Sammy from the West Indies T20 cricket team. Is there any person in Saint Lucia who did not expect that event? Sammy had publicly made clear his support for the Caribbean Prime Ministers who want to completely revamp West Indies cricket, including getting rid of the present Board. Yes, we all need to be passionate about the sport we love. But had Sammy said nothing about the Board and merely praised his team for their heroic effort, it would have been more in keeping with the humble Sammy we had come to know. There’s an old African proverb that says when elephants fight (the WI Cricket Board and WI Prime Ministers) it’s the grass that gets trampled. Had Sammy been its best performer in the T20 game, the Dave Cameron Board would have found a way to get rid of him after the way Sammy humiliated them. The present Board is fighting for its survival!

In his present predicament, Sammy will soon discover who his true friends are. He will discover that his demise is not unlike the passing of a loved one. No matter how much people wail and cry, no one is going to the grave with you.

I take no pleasure in saying this but someone must tell it like it is. It is therefore a burden I carry with some effort and much pain. The truth must find a way to set us free. And truth telling seems to be at the heart of our problem and my burden.

Another issue which needs to be aired frankly and truthfully is the idea to resuscitate the banana industry – once fondly referred to here as green gold. There are new moves being planned for marketing local bananas. There are benefits to be gained from a closer association with Martinique which has traditionally been a good neighbour to Saint Lucia. We need to keep in mind however, that there will be devious and cunning persons who would do all they can to cheat and to gain an unfair advantage, in any new banana scheme.

Finally, the overriding protocol ought to aim at putting excellence and good quality first and foremost in every aspect of the country’s work. The government should also aim at developing new arrangements with Winfresh even as it moves forward with Martinique banana exporters. France opens up the entire European Community market to Saint Lucia. We ought therefore to keep our options open remembering to put our people first and foremost at all times.


  1. /


    Surah Al-Shuara

    Shall I inform you (O people!) upon whom the Shayâtin (devils) descend? (221)
    They descend on every lying, sinful person. (222)
    Who gives ear (to the devils and they pour what they may have heard of the unseen from the angels), and most of them are liars. (223)
    As for the poets, the erring ones follow them, (224)
    See you not that they speak about every subject (praising people – right or wrong) in their poetry? (225)
    And that they say what they do not do. (226)

    Here is Satan incarnate, Black Pete Josie, proclaiming himself as the “TRUTHFUL ONE”, who has sold his soul the Lucifer Chastanet for a meager price, hoping the CHASTANET CRIME SYNDICATE will favor him with some pale skin shapeless Caucasian Female to make him an honorary White man.

    This scoundrel Back Pete Josie and the Stripper on Steroids Rickets John Wayne did everything they could have done, to sell the Black people of St. Lucia on the tremendous blessings they would receive if they made an ignorant White man and his Caucasian white supremacist woman the rulers over their little Black Children.

    These scumbags critters knowing well that Allen Chastanet and that cesspool of white supremacist, hated Black African people with the intensity of the lightening, with Lucifer Michael Chastanet even calling for the murder of Black St. Lucian men who this devil called “Bad Boys” who should be exterminated. His actual words were “TAKE THEM OUT”

    If this Chastanet Clan of settlers possessed a conscience they would not have inflicted such an evil psychological assault on the minds of our little black boys and girls, by imposing this condition of European Slavery upon this country of Black Savages, who continue to worship a naked White man as their God and Master; a practice imposed upon them by Chastanet’s great, great, great maternal grandfather.

    Chastanet Crime Family just entered into an agreement with the Chinese Mafia to steal BILLIONS of dollars from the people of this island, but the people must be told NOTHING OF HOW THEIR MONIES WILL BE GIVEN TO THE MAFIA. But listen to this snake tell you, “COMMUNICATE, COMMUNICATE, COMMUNICATE, COMMUNICATE, COMMUNICATE,

    Here’s Black Pete Stephen Josie, with the Chastanet at Candyland Plantation.




  2. Pete ole boy,
    This is about your most pathetic posting. Both your syntax and semantics swirl sans objectiv like a sloth on an inclined greasy pole. Even the Headless Horsesman of Haloween has better poise and purpose.
    Are you in the early stage of Dementia /Alzheimer.
    Your writing is not indicative of loss of sheathing as it of SIGNIFICANT gap distances between key axons. Kinda like the smart ass public distancing that Emperor Chas has enacted…n’est pas?
    Ditto et tu Sir Rickets…not even time for a cursory editing of this MUMBO JUMBO from DUMBO!.
    NB: According to basic neuroscienc; many key neurons are never replaced once they are lost. You know that instant sense of bombastic impudence you parlay into grandeur after drinking a highball of rum or scotch?
    Well, guess what part of the brain is first and foremost affected? Yes, the frontal Lobe. Indeed , the frontal lobe of our brain CONTROLS/FILTERS /ADJUDICATES our modest inhibitions (inhibitions are part of our onboard working defense mechanisms that negotiate between the id- ego-superego.)
    It is possible for chemical or substance abuse to FRY our brains with loss of irreplaceable neurons over time.
    We know that you have been a HARD chronic boozer for over 4 decades. Imagine the repeated daily onslaught against your frontal lobe.
    Here is a spiritual analogy:
    Imagine SALADIN’s Battering rams against the gates of fortified Jerusalem!
    Consequently, dementia’s onset is highly probable given your long historical scenario.
    Remember the reason you gave for switching dorms at St Augustine campus- from the tame responsibility minded small islanders to that of the rowdy – party till wee drop trinis. BOOZE AND FETE opportunities were the dominant raison de etre…OUI!
    Imagine how many millions of neurons you have lost from the 1960’s till 2016.
    Pete ole boy you win a RIO Gold medal for Champion of Id Driven Pleasure- as in your EROS rules!

  3. Peetar
    It is way past time you take stock of where you are -in the here and now…
    Recall, the one popular VFort males’ leisure activity that unified art, dexterity and social BLISS- i.e., KITE FLYING atop the Calvary hill -stones throw from your abode?
    Ah yeah!
    The consistent gentle zephrs that now ease takeoffs and landings (saving fuel consumption on the throttles) did bring joy to legions of VFort males flying kites.
    Sometimes, a kite broke away and drifted south south west across the old police station , post office/court buildings, the residence of Head Master Stanislaus (The same one who created an academic ambiance to sprout your potential to rise above and beyond -GOAT HERD caretaker)
    Time for another analogy ..oui?
    You are that meandering KITE …unfettered to happy hands and front and center in a vista of despair ….as the kite floats down to to the Caribbean Sea
    By the by, that 2 billion racket at CoCo Dan; shares the same Rorschach Ink blot analysis- with your lost kit at Calvary Hill
    On a spiritual note, it’s too bad that VFort’s pagan testament atop your boyhood Calvary Hill does not share any of the optimism embedded within the pagan symbolism atop Rio’s Sugar Loaf Mountain……n’est pas?
    Pete, le raison pour denial of spiritual REDEMPTION has to do with the hate and malice that you have cultivated/nurtured for VFort.
    When Baldee Rigo dug her heels (stilettos worn by a tall heavyweight female ??) into the ST JUDE MAKESHIFT Hospital ( more like a Doctor’s without Borders field TRIAGE in the deep Amazon Forest)…
    YOU WERE QUIETER than a pagan church mouse.
    When the national independence Day celebrations were diversied two celebrations ago……YOU SCOFFED at the VFORT presentation while GLORIFYING the CApitals pomp and circumstance (perhaps you have a fixation for French Men in full military regalia 🙂
    Nevertheless, as soon as the carpetbagging racketeers descend on the unique geological splendor of VFort….. the RAT in you scurries for some Flambeau colored CHEDDAR!
    Give VFort a Chance?
    There will be no spiritual Redemption for Judas and his pieces of silver SALE. Likewise your avarice and hypocrisy will forever bind you to the shackles of Loo-See-Fur…….n’est pas?

  4. DR. DASSAULT MIRAGE, thanks for the explanation for this writer’s bizarre composition. He began with Cap Estate, but somehow I found myself in the Vieux Fort Mang.

    I was truly at a loss not fully understanding the effects of alcohol on what you call brain neurons.

    Peter came across as angry, overflowing with hostility; is that another symptom of alcoholic consumption? I have seen many people become extremely violent when the bottle takes effect.

  5. TIME
    Alcoholic addiction is most insidious:
    It’s rapid access to the frontal lobe of the brain (the sit of our inhibitions) gives a false sense of bravery /courage.
    That’s why it was widely popular in military battles.
    It became ever widespread as men and women could quickly lower their “romantic pretensions?” and cut to the dog -cat chase via distilled “confidence”.
    As adults and mass media flaunt “social drinking” to children, odds are favorable that they too will join this vicious of alcohol addiction at earlier ages /stages of developmental
    Alas, in the permanent tropical siesta, the roots of addiction take hold before adequate mental maturation can utilize any form of moderation.
    Josie is a product of the time when men actually drank rum on their way to work -AM
    Time, I urge you to make one attempt to visit a children’s hospital to observe a child born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.
    There, you can witness first hand the neurological connections between alcohol addiction and its impact on the brain.
    Most chronic alcoholics display socio-pathic tendencies that they are unaware of -in the moment and later.
    You read between the lines of Cap Estate to Moule -a Cheque (VFort)…..yes his brain is swirling …as if in the early stages of Alszeihmer .
    The following is excerpted from wikipedia:
    ” The first symptoms are often mistakenly attributed to ageing or stress.[19] Detailed neuropsychological testing can reveal mild cognitive difficulties up to eight years before a person fulfills the clinical criteria for diagnosis of AD.[20] These early symptoms can affect the most complex activities of daily living.[21] The most noticeable deficit is short term memory loss, which shows up as difficulty in remembering recently learned facts and inability to acquire new information.[20][22]

    Subtle problems with the executive functions of attentiveness, planning, flexibility, and abstract thinking, or impairments in semantic memory (memory of meanings, and concept relationships) can also be symptomatic of the early stages of AD.[20] Apathy can be observed at this stage, and remains the most persistent neuropsychiatric symptom throughout the course of the disease.[23] Depressive symptoms, irritability and reduced awareness of subtle memory difficulties are also common.[24] The preclinical stage of the disease has also been termed mild cognitive impairment (MCI).[22″
    There are very powerful parallels between Alcohol Addiction and early stages of Dementia.
    Engaging in chess , horticulture, or leisure sports to delay the approach of dementia …yes.
    Not political writing that can affect the opinions of a struggling young nation.
    Josie must cease and desist from his malicious attacks on the people, demographics and geography of VFort and the dominant cultural plurality of the nation.

  6. /

    The people of St. Lucia; the ones who have not been the victims of lobotomy; are now demanding that the people of this island be informed clearly about what type of “Jab en Sack” secret Ponzi Scheme the Chastanet Crime Family has agreed to burden them and their unborn children with over the next decade.

    As usual, the treatous Negro Sambos, like the Rickets John Wayne has raised the shield of treachery to protect the CHASTANET CRIME FAMILY from the people of St. Lucia, making such dishonest and fictitious statements claiming, “the Government NEVER TELLS THE PEOPLE WHO THEY REPRESENT, about any actions the Government discharges on behalf of the Population.”

    We know that Rickets John Wayne hates the Black people of this Country, since he is a self-hating black, the product of rape and incest from the enslavement by the Spanish Slave Master Carasco. It is often when engaged in any type of discourse with the impotent Stripper, driven to madness by his addiction to Anabolic Steroids to observe John Wayne become inflamed in fits of rage, calling Black people Blobs and Niggers, while claiming he does not care what he calls Black People, they will continue to buy his load of Kaka Chien. WELL HE JUST CALLED ALL YOU BLACK LUCIANS CRAZY ! How much of this abuse can you people take?

    There’s that sick SOB:


  7. /

    The African Woman’s voice among other attributes, is the most beautiful, nothing, no one, comes close to her beauty.

    The UGLIEST VOICES IN THE UNIVERSE, an Ass braying, Hillary Clinton’s, followed by Black Pete Peter Josie.

    And the FASTEST MAN IN THE UNIVERSE, Husain Bolt ! You know Jamaicans have problems pronouncing the letter “H”.


  8. /

    Because of her Dark Chocolate Complexion, this disgraceful Negro Black Sambo, would prohibit this Original Woman Simone Biles from participating in a Beauty Pageant for Carnival Queen. Lucians need to see this lowlife Black Peter Josie for the scumbag he really is. This Lowlife would also not have wanted her to represent St. Lucia in RIO

    Lucky Stars of Rio: ‘Shot Diva’ first American woman to win shot put | Bolt makes history | U.S. win gold medal No. 1,000

    RIO DE JANEIRO – America’s Olympic golden girl finished the gymnastics competition as she should, winning another Olympic gold medal.

    Simone Biles stood on the podium here at Rio Olympic Arena for a record-tying fourth time after sweeping to championship in floor with a score of 15.966. She became the first woman gymnast since 1968 to win four (out of six possible) gold medals at a single Olympics, adding floor to team, all-around and vault. She also won bronze in balance beam.

    Fellow American Aly Raisman took home the silver with a score of 15.5. The two U.S. gymnasts had overwhelmed the competition this week with power tumbling and a new level of athleticism just as the sports judges have evolved into rewarding such skills more than the traditional artistic approach.
    Amy Tinkler of Great Britain won bronze.
    [Featured: Mary Lou Retton tells why the first prom she experienced was her daughter’s]

    For Biles, it was a return to form from Monday when she lost balance while completing a front flip on the beam, costing her a chance to become the first female gymnast to win five golds. There were no mistakes on Tuesday, her sky-high jumps and meet-best 8.933 degree of difficulty (Raisman’s, for example, was 8.675), leaving the Brazil audience alternating between gasps of disbelief and roars of appreciation.

    The 19-year-old from outside Houston had steadfastly tried to take each day as it came – whether it was competition or practice. It allowed her to prevent the totality of what she accomplished from overwhelming her with pressure and distractions.

    Now that it’s done, though, Biles is expected to leave Rio as a breakout star and a major endorser. Only two other women have won four gymnastics golds in a single Games: Vera Caslavska of then Czechoslovakia (1968) and Agnes Keleti of Hungary (1956).

    More than the history associated with the accomplishment, however, was the way it was done. Biles is the finest tumbler the sport has ever seen, making her brilliance both easy to spot and impossible to ignore.



  9. /


    Because of the Greed an selfish character of the many mis-educated Negro Sambos, these reprobates, Rickets John Wayne, Jeff Fedee, Peter Josie, Mary Isaac, Gail Rigobert and such traitors, who sold the people of St. Lucia this ignorant fraudster kooyon Allen Chastanet as a leader, I will call myself “PROPHET SON OF MAN”. I TOLD YOU DISBELIEVERS THAT ALLEN CHASTANET WAS A WORTHLESS IMBECILE, WHO WOULD BE AN INTERNATIONAL EMBARRASSMENT.

    WHAT ELSE WOULD YOU CALL THIS BEHAVIOR IN THE HOUSE OF PARLIAMENT TODAY BY THIS IDIOT ALLEN CHASTANET; PLEASE TELL ME PLEASE. As Student Government President I mastered Robert’s Rules of Order, but mate cannot even read a simple sentence – SORT PWEE !!!



  10. Son-of-Man, or son of whatever, kindly keep away from computer keyboards. It is essential that you take time off to heal. First, try a lagoon bath (bain mygo). It has been known to cure cases of extreme fatigue. If that doesn’t work, consume at will dry coconut. That has been a long time local treatment for psychosis. Your rantings and ravings is now a source of serious concern. If you do not reappear, then I would conclude that you have made a contribution to civilization.

  11. John/
    thankfully youre not the prophet wailing in sackcoth in the wilderness or else Jezebel may have your cranium for dinner …n’est paw?
    Here is a most simple logic to consider:
    St Lucia boasts among the highest. Ratios of Alcohol ADDICTION
    Every Sunday the most dramatic moment in the “Spiritual Service” a proffessional clergy MODELS THE CONSUMPTION OF A SUPER SIZE GOBLET…umm chalice …of ALCOHOL
    Moreover, this CONSUMPTION of ALCOHOL. Imparts SUPER POWERS
    Think of the impact to impressionable VISUAL LEARNERS..
    Weaklings and macho alike etc.
    Not only do these professionals model these habit forming steps to ADDICTION in public mass assemblies…they also practice lavishly the conspicuous consumption of premium ALCOHOL at theirlunch and dinner tables

  12. John
    I know you can argue about cause effect etc on behalf of our comfort zone inclinations
    However we cannot null the associative connections.
    There was a chronic drunk. A generation older than our Peetar Judas who stumbled from cabaways muttering “AFTER CHRIST” a
    Given that a RELIGION is most liberal, MODELS the CONSUMPTION of alcohol and is the dominant PERSUASIVE force of a nation
    And that nation is a dominant leader for alcohol addiction in the world
    Do we need reliability testing or construct valdity to assert the obvious correlation?

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