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The EYES Have It!

THE people have spoken and they most certainly did so loudly and with that loud voice, there was change…well a small change in a big sense.

Yes I know…not more talk about politics, it really is all we’ve been hearing about on local TV, radio and even our social media feeds, right? But I promise, I’m going to make this piece as painless as possible.

This political game has seemed, well like a game to me since I came back to St. Lucia eight years ago because I’ve seen power shift from UWP to SLP and now back to UWP…good ole ping pong with no clear winners and a bunch of losers (us, the voters).

I see it as a game, not only because it has gone back and forth, but because over the past eight years, nothing much has changed and the two are pretty much the same (with some exceptions of course). Yet, we the audience have seemingly bought into it all and continue to stay loyal to particular parties for whatever reason, instead of opening our eyes and really demanding from these politicians, to do what we elected them to do.

Ok, you realise that I’ve gone ahead of myself here, so let me backtrack a little.

The few times that I’ve ventured into political pieces, I have always called for the people to realise the power they hold at the tip of their fingers and to use it wisely and responsibly for the betterment of themselves and St. Lucia.

Now, when you have two parties going back and forth governing our island, yet a lot of what they seem to do is nothing much (note I said a lot and not all because credit has to be given where it is due of course), why do we keep putting the same people in these positions and then sit at home or in small clusters grumbling about how they are not doing what they promised?

This is one of the reasons why I have always said that I am sitting on the fence because I cannot pledge my loyalty to one particular party if all I’m seeing is that they’re one and the same.

I cannot see myself getting into the election spirit like many of you did with the rallies, colours and banners etc.

I also cannot feel elation after UWP won, nor can I feel sadness that SLP lost…all I feel is that lingering feeling of concern that I had eight years ago, four years ago and now.

It is no secret that St. Lucians are not only fickle because they switch up on you quicker than a magician’s slide of hands, but they are a forgetful and unwittingly forgiving bunch too. Because the biggest controversy becomes yesterday’s news as soon as the next controversy comes along…and there is always another controversy.

Unfortunately for us, people, especially politicians prey upon those traits because this is how they get away with all sorts. They do something now, we gripe about it privately but then as soon as something else comes up and distracts us, the initial problem becomes out of sight, out of mind.

Well people, I am begging you to change this now.

Let’s not let history repeat itself by either turning a blind eye to the nonsense or by not doing enough to address it.

I for one will be casting a close eye on this newly elected government and you can bet that I will be going through their governance with a fine toothed comb.

They were constantly saying that enough was enough and that a change was needed…which is true, so put your money where your mouth was whilst in opposition…as long as it’s not all taxpayers money.

Like that little ant that took down a rubber tree plant, I have got high hopes. Am I optimistic? Nope, but on the other hand, I’m willing to take the risk and hold my breath in anticipation for that big change because at the end of the day, I genuinely, wholeheartedly want to see my homeland thrive and be as superbly magnificent as it should be.

I said I’m not optimistic because I hate being let down…I mean, I get seriously depressed so I usually remain pessimistic just so I could get that pleasant surprise. But I most certainly am not hoping that this government fails…only the most imbecilic fools will wish for that and if you are wishing for that, please emigrate but just before you do, smack yourselves first.

Back to my warning. I will be watching and I will be writing when I see or feel that you, the newly elected government are backpedalling and ignoring your promises. Mind you, like I did with the previous government, I will give credit where it is due so I am hoping that you give me the cause to write more positive pieces than negative because I assure you, with the negative will be a call for “backa” which is the people so that they could stand with me and raise a proper stink like they should do if any government tries to play us for the fool.

You wanted the chance, the people have given it to you…don’t slip up because as you can see from the grand way that the people ousted the former government, they really have had enough and I don’t think they have the time or the energy to play the silly games that the governments before have played.

And people, you have all shown what you can do when you make up your minds that you want change…you are on a roll and the government now knows that they are in the palm of your hands. Let the “EYES” continue to have it and remain vigilant. Don’t lose momentum and keep that voice raised high and authoritative because the moment you become complacent is the moment we get taken advantage of.

I say we keep this new government on their toes and keep the upper hand so that life in St. Lucia can be as promising as it sounds on that yellow manifesto.

Rochelle entered the Media fraternity in May 2011 as a fresh-faced young woman with a passion for the English language, a thirst for worldly knowledge and a longing to inform the world of what was happening around them, whether it was good or bad.

She began as part of a small news team at Choice Television, which falls under the MediaZone umbrella. She was hired as one of the original members of the newly created Choice News Now team...Read full bio...


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  1. Pleasant middle of the road perspective….
    GET ready for IMF, World Bank and or Rothchild CentralBank affiliation
    Yup Austerity Measures tighter than Grenada -and even a Duck’s anus, are on the near horizon; if not docked in cloaked quays!
    Be very careful my dear with those vindictive WASPS —uummmm yellow jacks……

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