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Chastanet’s Leadership Won The Elections

It appears that every time the St Lucia Labour Party loses an election, it cries foul.

This time, the claim is that the United Workers Party bought votes. Even that clown of a lecturer, Tennyson Joseph, stays on his perch at the University of the West Indies and makes that claim. He too has a problem understanding and accepting the will of the people.

I see the Jamaican pollster Don Anderson making a claim that his poll predicting a Labour Party win was taken two months before and he seems to be telling us that if the elections were held two months earlier Labour would have won.

I do not know what it would take to convince the supporters of the Labour Party that the June 6 election was won by the United Workers Party several months ago; that it was only the extent of the victory that was at issue.

The Labour Party lost the elections because of bad leadership both in the party and in the government and a string of wrong decisions taken, including the calculated attempt to destroy the spirit of one man, Allen Chastanet, who kept his cool, did his work and won the victory.

I heard Kendall Burton reading an item on DBS quoting people as saying that people voted against the government not for the opposition and one wonders why media reporters are allowed to jump to such conclusions without proof. Should not DBS have told us which people and how many of them were making that claim?

Ever since the march against gas prices in March 2015, it was clear that Chastanet was emerging as a leader.

By getting the dissidents out of the party including the pompous Tori Fatal and closing ranks with his opponents, Chastanet solidified his position even more. And then he made the party’s internal organs stronger. He refused to engage Kenny Anthony in a verbal brawl and stayed focused. In the final weeks of the campaign when Chastanet began to articulate his vision for the country, it was clear that his stock as a leader had grown ten fold. That is what St Lucians voted for.

So if Labour cannot accept it, too bad for them.

– Peterson Demille


  1. Why the need TO BUY MICOUD sure bet seat?
    Since when is a 50% voter turnout a MANDATE
    How about the SUBLIMINAL perception that only one who LOOKS like the TOURIST can bring them here in droves
    I got news for you DEMILLE
    Until we Looshans relearn basic principles of Economics such as
    -a penny saved is a penny earned
    -Know the difference between WANTS and NEEDS
    Save up to putdown more than 1/3 downpayment on any needs that require installment plan as in CREDIT borrowing
    Stop trying to emulate the decadence of former colonial masters as in LIVING HIGH ON THE HOG

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