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CIP – Evidence of Subterfuge

WHOA! Dr Kenny Davis Anthony has been outed once again and this time it must not be glossed over. It must not be ignored. People of St Lucia, this C.I.P was supposed to be our saving grace, the big programme that would allow St Lucia to take off and get to the next level of development according to both PM Anthony and Ernest Hilaire. But it has received a failing grade. A big fat ‘F’ for the PM’s CIP baby, even as he is getting set to take us right down the road to perdition with it.

Surely you recall that this was to be his blue-eyed baby, better than all the rest, checks and balances, due diligence, due diligence, due diligence, the experienced Vaughan Lewis, Vaughan Lewis, Vaughan Lewis, full transparency, transparency, transparency and more. But now, what are we finding out from an objective 25-year veteran in the market who declined Kenny’s offer of a contract with his firm as a marketing agent for the programme? This project which was going to save St Lucia and allow us to take off to unimaginable heights, according to our illustrious P.M. and echoed by the project’s equally illustrious godfather, Hilaire, is something to beware of.

Here is an impartial stranger warning us that apart from the obvious inefficiency of the programme’s structure, it has been so designed to be anything but transparent, something that could definitely not have happened by accident. Shame! Shame! Shame! Seems that word ‘transparent’ that the PM and his cohorts like to throw around really means ‘clouded’ or ‘occluded’ to them. In other words, the usual cover-up.

You are seeing what it is like when a person believes he or she is omniscient and has all the answers, and is able to fool seemingly smart and even good people and get them to drink his Kool-Aid of lies and trickery which he serves up every day. You are seeing what can happen to us St Lucians and just where our leader will lead us.

Mr Steffen reports, “These important components did not arise from the Task Force Report (of the committee headed by former Prime Minister Vaughan Lewis) which we also studied carefully. That’s not good.’’ So, what say you, Dr Lewis? You have to speak up. Your reputation is very much at stake.

Mr Steffen also reports that ‘’The strategy of placing core components of the programme in the Regulations and Guidelines that did not come before Parliament must be seen as a deliberate attempt by the Government to keep those vital aspects of the programme hidden from public scrutiny and from the people of St Lucia.’’ What do you call that, if not crookery?’’ St Lucians, tell us, are your eyes shut tight? Are your ears blocked even tighter? Have your minds and hearts vacated their chambers? Are you continuing to be blinded by promises, promises, promises? Have you not had enough damning evidence of the subterfuge?

How can we trust a leader who sets out to be dishonest with we the people, especially when we can see that there is a pattern with this? Think of all the scandals. All of them, without exception, have had deception at their very core. We are grateful to Mr Steffen for his revelation. Let us hope that this will be the straw that breaks the back of a deceiving and unworthy administration.

– Jane Plante


  1. …..”we are grateful to Mr. Stefen for the revelation”?……..Jane, Jane,………what is wrong with you?……….you keep genuflecting to the Bostonian!……….come up with some independent findings.

  2. this f**** 45 record is playing on a gramophone player and it have a big f****** split so it is out of tune, out of beat and the scratches have made it sound like when jane plant is under a heavy load !!!!!!! come try a new record player with a D J from the jazz festival. . and when the music get better u will have your dance hall full with all the beat out and rejected U W PPPP.

  3. The stupid candidates that Saint Lucians vote for have no freaking ideas about international business or finance. So what would be the value of any debate on the issue? The same goes for constitutional reform.

    You cannot rely on the Senate. Ask RW what happened when national interest was placed above petty party interest.

    This is not a society that is oriented to national growth or prosperity. Simple minded, the MPs all of them are just useful for quarreling about what they did not get done. There is no money for either the MPs on the SLP side, nor the worse-off UWP side. Saint Lucians are comical. They do the same things over and over again, each time expecting a different result.

  4. Karl
    Is it too presumptuous on on my part to assert that you are of Deutche extraction- the Fatherland ya?
    Not even with Obama as President can African Americans feel the sense of belonging to a land that is equally theirs as a birthright- as black St Lucians do.
    The commercial that JINGLE that always promote the “Great American Dream” states that “THERE IS PRIDE IN OWNERSHIP”
    This, old boy is elixir for the children of former BRUTALIZED slaves. THEY OWN a slice of terra that is theirs WITH LIBERTY- come what may.
    Alas, they must stomach the bitter war to keep the decadent NEOCOLONIAL infidel pirates from stealing their POWER of self determination.
    How many centuries of internal /external wars did Europe experience before its current maturation; ditto America and Russia still catching up.
    So, as the Beatles crooned LET IT BE.
    And Bob Marley’s Prophetic chant
    Let the descendants of slaves REMAIN FREE OF MASSA….OUI!

  5. Karl
    I do hope that you are not like our seriously deceptive Peter Josie where you stated “St Lucians as Comical. Where comical is politeze for STUPID!
    Yes, many poke fun and exploit our SELF HATRED. However, this self hatred is not borne on the mindset of stupidity.
    AS A European with any level of formal education (especially the German Gymnasium)
    you are versed in the historical psychological sociologica economical political
    TORTURE RAPE INDOCTRINATION exceeding the best that the NAZI GESTAPO could muster-
    was beaten forcibly into the bones minds an genes of African slaves of the MIDDLE PASSAGE.
    Please Karl, doyou believe in the Divine as Supreme creator of the Universe or Artificial Intelligence as paradigm shift from the Big Bang Theory
    You see Karl if you are an infidel then you care not that the cockroach may well be the eventual masters of the planet- in the not too distant future.
    If you are a believer then I urge you to lift your heart and mind to the Divine Supreme
    Shall we pray……

  6. In the land of the blind (saint) St. Lucy, the one-eyed man is king. And what is playing out from the time of being granted the status of Associated Statehood, is that abysmal ignorance IS bliss, it is folly to be wise.

    Evidenced based argument. We elect and darken the doors of our parliament, known ignoramuses, known thieves, know financial failures, known and jailed ex-convicts as representative of ourselves and our country. ONLY non-partisan yard fowls can HONESTLY AGREE with this statement and want to change that. Others take comfort and mope behind guzzling bottles of beer and rum, pieces of chicken, and short-term employment. Better days cyan done!

  7. Emile’s Corrections

    In this the land of the blind (saint) St. Lucy, the one-eyed man is always king. And what is playing out from the time of being granted the status of Associated Statehood, is that where abysmal “… ignorance IS bliss, it is folly to be wise.”

    Evidenced based argument is used here throughout. We elect and darken the doors of our parliament with known downright ignoramuses, known thieves, known egregious financial blunderers and failing ministers of finance, and known and jailed ex-convicts as representative of our own selves and rather unfortunately of our halpless country.

    ONLY non-partisan yard fowls can HONESTLY AGREE with this statement and want to change any of that. Others take comfort and mope behind the guzzling down of bottles of beer and rum, half-starved for pieces of chicken, and short-term employment. Better days cyan done!

  8. To describe the commentator as impartial is a literary abue of the term. There no doubt is an odour of sor grapes in his comments.

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