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Guy Joseph on Target

I write to compliment Guy Joseph whose views on WASCO and the John Compton Dam were expressed on ‘Open Mike’ (Michael Chastanet’s weekly Sunday TV show), this past Sunday, March 6. When I listened to Mr. Joseph explain the current water situation on the island especially as it pertains to the John Compton Dam my mind went back some forty years to a conversation I had with a British Government representative of the island. He opined that government ministers such as Allan Bousquet and Bruce Williams were successful because they paid close attention to the advice of their technical staff and were fast learners.

I place Guy Joseph in that same category. He is more passionate about the work of a Minister of the Government and knows more than his detractors would have us believe. His passion for politics can be clearly seen. I was happy to hear Mr. Joseph explain that the real reason behind the dire warnings of severe drought and its ill effects on the delivery of clean drinking water to the public by WASCO, has more to do with the neglect and near abandonment of the John Compton Dam and the present reliance of other minor sources of water to meet the nation’s needs.

Furthermore, both Joseph and Chastanet agreed that the area in the vicinity of a former stone quarry at Union (at the back of Choc estate), seems a promising source of clean water. It’s there for those who wish to take the short drive and witness for themselves. Some experts believe that there is underground water at Union begging to be tapped for use by the suffering people in the north of the island. Every year at this time it’s the same cry. Something can and must be done soonest. Thank you for bringing the water situation and in particular the neglect of the John Compton Dam to light.

Peter Josie.


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