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The Greatest Gift

By Peter Josie
By Peter Josie

LAST Christmas a young person with Saint Lucia connections found a temporary job at a New York hospital. As the festive season neared she was asked to participate in her department’s Christmas ritual, randomly selecting a wish list sent by underprivileged city children. The young worker chose three separate wish lists, instead of one, as directed. Of the three, one asked for a cell phone, one a train set and the third, a girl, asked for a book. They were three and four-years. Each got what they asked for but the third child was sent five age-appropriate books, four more than she asked.

There are no hard and fast rules by which to measure what the children felt after they had sent off their wish list, or when they received their presents. We may however surmise that each little heart was filled with joy upon receipt of their Christmas wish. It may well have been their greatest gift.

That young employee’s action makes us think more deeply about the art of giving. Giving recalls at least two beneficiaries; the recipient and the donor. Who benefits more is both interesting and intriguing. The recipient is happy because a need has been fulfilled and the donor is happy because he has pleased. These two aspects to giving go further. The material thing that is given loses its value over time and is soon gone. The spirit of the donor meanwhile is strengthened and he soon discovers that he needs (and desires) less and less of material comforts of life. This is not religious fiction; people who habitually give learn to make do with less and are happier and less stressful.

These are the lessons from the young worker in New York. She voluntarily went beyond what her department had asked of her, and made three children happy.

There are young people in Saint Lucia and the Caribbean who would do the same in the identical situation.

At Christmas the media is filled with efforts by corporate citizens bringing cheer to needy children and their families. Increasingly, foreign companies (and countries too), help children and parents enjoy this time of year.

In the rush to cash-in on gift-giving one ought to guard against an emerging pattern that looks more and more as pay back for favours received. For example, when a person or a company is forgiven thousands of dollars in back taxes or NIC payments, turns and offers a Member of Parliament hundreds of hams and other goodies at Christmas, is this a quid-pro-quo or pay back?. Are such ‘gifts’ to be used for a political purpose and is this another form of corruption?

Regardless of the answer the point remains that such large donations are hidden in plain view while using the spirit of the gift-giving season to defraud the poor tax payer. One ought therefore not to drop one’s guard at Christmas but instead be on the lookout for those who give with the right and steal more with the grasping left. The saying: Tom drunk but, Tom no fool,’ should guide our every thought at parties and in public spaces more than ever.

The police have warned that criminals lurk everywhere. Many use the gift-giving season to help themselves into homes and businesses exiting with ‘gifts’ and leaving pain and sorrow behind without as much as a ‘Thank You’ note. Nothing of value is spared.

Such people force the rest of us to re-think the real meaning of Christmas and what needs to be inculcated in the population. Putting the central message of ‘Christ-made-manifest’ aside for the moment, may I suggest that the best gift at Christmas is that which we give to ourselves? It is taking control of our lives, individually and collectively, and rejecting greed and gluttony while giving willingly, expecting nothing in return.

Needless hiding behind the celebrations and denying that the duty one owes is the exercise of self-control at all times. This is more critical for adults than it is for children. To guard against excesses is the best example to set children. Decide how much you will eat and drink and do not pig-out because children learn what you do; not what you say.

This is not intended as an unhappy kill-joy Christmas agenda. Far from it! What is intended is for the obese, the alcoholic, and those generally out of control, to allow Prudence to direct them; Temperance to chasten them; Fortitude to support them; and Justice to guide them. Maintain discipline and hold on to tried and tested virtues while taking time to praise your God however you perceive Him. These are the greatest gifts people can give to themselves and to their children this Christmas.

Also, learn to look differently and more kindly at people you do not know and do not like? People can change! Change is the only constant in life. Take a moment to be alone and to dig deeper into your inner self perchance to find the source of fortitude and strength which should help cope with inevitable change in the New Year. Better to prepare and anticipate change than to pretend that it’s not possible.

Read a book over the holidays and try to write the story of your life truthfully. You may be surprised how unique you are. I have said that I write for my own pleasure but I also readily admit that I also write to educate and enlighten. Besides, I need to engage with kindred spirits. That’s the greatest gift no matter the season or the circumstances. Have a blessed Christmas everybody and may the New Year bring the benefits of rewarding change that so many look forward to.


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    The readers of THE VOICE OF SAINT LUCIA’S electronic News are so well ahead of the many marooned dispensers of information, that it can be said, that they are light years ahead of the individuals reading other venues for the acquisition of knowledge.

    We have been discussing the mental and psychological damage caused to the people of African ancestry who worship a naked Caucasian as their God, with Peter Josie and his lover Ricky Nelson John Wayne being prime examples of the victims of this paralyzing doctrine of the “WHITE JESUS”.

    Today many Caucasians admit the worship of this Racist and Sexist God is NO accident – take a listen?





  2. PEETAR/
    The gifting of (so terrible to health) SWINE- clad in “pitch” some similarity, has been going on from colonial era.
    If you had a JUST raison, the condemnation or call to restrict said practices by official mandate sanctions with annual conspicuously posted memos (a current practice by govt. agencies here in NY).
    What abut all the others who do the same or greater conspicuous gift giving practices?
    The problem in your writing is PH factor (agro inspired pun). There is no balance in the saliency of your writing..
    For instance, you clearly stated that 1 list was the stipulated fulfillment per nurse. Yet this extraordinary nurse did 3 including an expensive cell phone commodity.
    How would that be treated by her colleagues. Perhaps seeking a leg up on better ob schedules /promotion etc. We can only speculate based on the known inherent politics of a workplace .
    Then you segue like a Dominican mountain chicken to a seasonal activity at NIC- as judge, and executioner. In some Latin American Republic , you would be charged with a major LIBEL suit- or hunted by secret para military squads.
    Oh how differentiated the post Castille colonial legacy.
    Following your unbalanced political smear (your raison d’etre)
    -you bake a humble pie advocating respect for personal diffences!!!!
    Dear Peetar, thou art more Konniving (deliberate substiution of c for k)
    than the proverbial “conniving kunt”!
    Your words are devoid of reality when you do not -use the season of pardonable excuses to wish your nemesis- the elected leader of our humble nation –
    glad tidings on behalf of the nation-
    as in no surprise TOMAS like troughs for his administration.
    Well you certainly would not dare a pitch fork to your derriere -as was done to Hon. Stephen King
    who loved his nation enough
    to confer with Dr Anthony
    in the aftermath of this natural -as in GOD is to blame – DISASTER-
    as is DUTIFULLY expected by the BEST INTERESTS of our CONSTITUTION.
    Did that NY nurse story come from papa Chas last stay at a N hospital or your recent visit to their DETOX unit?
    Anywho, I thank God for Protestant parents who feared God enough- never bringing SWINE in any form to our meals- nor desecrating the DIVINE vial the adulation of material pleasures.
    Pete, ole boy alcohol too, was absent in my parents homestead.

    Parents have a powerful influence on the moral codification of their children.
    During this wanton season of excess I will find great joy in the memory of their consistent daily modeling of prayer and supplication to the DIVINE God.

  3. Josie
    The greatest gift?
    NOT GOD’S FORGIVENESS resulting in our REDEMPTION from SIN?
    Your message to the youth is that they give a cellphone toys to salute Christ
    More peace less violence is not a higher priority?
    Garcon, you are the GREATEST (Sambo) mouthpiece for the ANTI CHRIST on this island!

  4. Josie
    This version may be more persuasive with your MONEY ppals
    GOD is truly the GREATEST
    No matter who sings it.

    How generous.
    The Youth group is inspirational on many levels
    Greatest wake up ever

    Since it has been asserted on this forum-numerous times- that PEEtar Josie does not think much of BLACK talent;
    here is a piece that showcases or refutes his error.
    Now if only he could master the art of ump& Jive,
    then there would be no need for him to persist in his ludicrous salesmanship
    of persuading INUIT residents
    to purchase Amana fridge/freezer combos
    for their isolated igloo hunting lodges.

  6. How disconnected is this myopic Negro from world reality. Even as the World convulses with oppression and suffering, with the Mediterranean Sea littered with the bodies of children and families trying to escape the works of the War Mongers, you know, the Wall Street Bankers making a dollar on the graves of the innocent people whose lands these devils will kill to exercise control over, while the Oil and Natural Resources are pillaged by the gluttons. This retarded miseducated self-hating Negro Slave found nothing better to discuss, other than what he hopes to receive under his Christmas Tree.

    Contrast this fawning Roman Catholic with his leader Pope Francis’ discussion in Rome today. Of Course, if Francis would stop teaching this abomination about God being born on December 25, 0001 he would be a great person, but the ONE SIN THAT GOD DOES NOT FORGIVE, IS ASSOCIATING OTHERS AS HIS PARTNERS; Known in Islam as SHIRK.

    The Argentine pope said the birth of God allows hope and persons regaining their dignity “yet even today great numbers of men and women are deprived of their human dignity and, like the child Jesus, suffer cold, poverty and rejection.”
    “May our closeness today be felt by those who are most vulnerable, especially child soldiers, women who suffer violence, and the victims of human trafficking and the drug trade.”
    “Where peace is born there is no longer room for hatred and for war,” Francis said, yet “tensions and violence persist, and peace remains a gift to be implored and built”.
    On the conflict in the Middle East, Francis said: “We pray to the Lord that the agreement reached in the United Nations may succeed in halting as quickly as possible the clash of arms in Syria and in remedzing the extremely grave humanitarian situation of its suffering people. It is likewise urgent that the agreement on Libya be supported by all …”
    “May the attention of the international community be unanimously directed to ending the atrocities which in those countries, as well as in Iraq, Libya, Yemen and sub-Saharan Africa, even now reap numerous victims, cause immense suffering and do not even spare the historical and cultural patrimony of entire peoples,” the pope said.
    He also turned his attention to another conflict in the Middle East, saying: “May Israelis and Palestinians resume direct dialogue and reach an agreement which will enable the two peoples to live together in harmony, ending a conflict which has long set them at odds with grave repercussions for the entire region.”

    The Breadfruit/BOISPAIN blogger was international and empathetic even as Pope Francis repeated the words of BOISPAIN:
    Francis said “Mercy is the most precious gift which God gives us, especially during this Jubilee year in which we are called to discover that tender love of our heavenly Father for each of us.”

    There can be no argument there, because were it not for the Mercy of Allah, not one of us would enter Paradise, and that includes the Prophets Jesus and Muhammad.

  7. /

    What is the TRUE ORIGIN of Christmas? Where did it come from? Did you know Yeshua the Messiah was born nowhere NEAR December 25, but that was the “birth day” of the sun- god, “Sol Invictus” or “Mithras”? Did you know December 25 was the concluding day of the pagan winter festival called the “Saturnalia”? Where did “Santa Claus” come from? The “Christmas tree”? How did these pagan feasts become connected with “Christianity”?

  8. /

    Where did the mysterious rites and ceremonies that surround this day come from? What about the “Christmas tree” and the “Yule log” and the mistletoe and Holly wreaths? Are ANY of these customs truly “Christian” in origin? And what about fat and jolly old “Saint Nick” — or Santa Claus?

    Under the Roman emperor Justinian [A.D. 527-565] DEC. 25 was recognized as an official holiday. An old Roman festival played a a major part in the choice of this particular day. December 25 in ancient Rome was the ‘Dies Natali Invictus,’ ‘the birthday of the unconquered,’ the day of the winter solstice and at the same time, in Rome, the last day of the Saturnalia, which had long since degenerated into a week of unbridled BACCHANAL.

    Christianity took over the birthday of the sun god, the cult of the sun, and transformed it into CHRISTMAS DAY, the “birthday” of god the Messiah! It was in reality the birth day of the pagan sun god, worshipped by millions throughout the Roman Empire!

    We read more about this novel and profound “plot” to turn paganism into “Christianity” in a book by historian Jack Finegan, Myth & Mystery: An Introduction to the Pagan Religions of the Biblical World. Finegan writes:

    “…But the worship of the sun-god continued widely throughout the empire, and under Aurelian (A.D. 270-275) the cult was restored to its former high estate. In the year 274 Aurelian declared the god — now called Deus Sol Invictus — the official deity of the Roman Empire; he built a splendid temple of the sun in Rome…and set the sun’s birthday celebration (naturalis solis invicti) ON DECEMBER 25, the date then accepted for the winter solstice (also in his solar character the BIRTHDAY OF MITHRAS). In the time of Constantine the cult of Deus Sol Invictus was still at its height, and the portrait of the sun-god was on the coins of Constantine….Likewise it must have been in this time and with the intent to transform the significance of AN EXISTING SACRED DATE that the birthday of Jesus, which had been celebrated in the East on January 6…was placed in Rome ON DECEMBER 25, THE DATE OF THE BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION OF SOL INVICTUS. This date appears in a list of dates probably compiled in A.D. 336 and published in the Roman city calendar, edited by Filocalus, for the year 354” (Finegan, p. 211-212, emphasis mine).

    Says who? Muhammad and his Quran? Well, the Christian Holy Books (The Septuagint, The Vulgate, The King James Version, and even the Torah) say differently. They all tell us, including you Son-of-man, that GOD DOES HAVE PARTNERS.

    Gen. 1:26 And God said, LET US make man in our image, after OUR likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over….

    God indeed has a partner in the above verse. Could it be Jesus?

    Gen. 3:22 Then the Lord God said, “Behold, the man has become like ONE OF US, to know good and evil. And now, lest he put forth his hand ….
    God indeed has a partner in the above verse. Could it be Jesus? After all, Jesus said in John 8:58 “Most assuredly, I say to you, before Abraham was, I AM.”

    So when Muslim Jihadi idiots come running to this forum, daily, to spread Anti-Christianity venom; while promoting Jihadist Islam; and calling Jesus a White God and all kinds of names, it only goes to show that we are dealing with sick individuals who think they, themselves, are greater than Jesus.




  10. /

    This ignorant embarrassment to our little island residing in a basement in Brooklyn, a KONTREE BOOGH, who is blissful in ignorance should be charged and arrested for this crime. It is one thing to be damaged mentally by the system of white supremacy’s miseducation, and therefore, ignorance is not so damnable as humbug. However when one practices ignorance voluntarily, such an ignoramus is a criminal. These criminals TOM TOM, CITIZEN KANE and Peter Josie should be properly charged with that evil which they have neglected to correct, or refused to learn how to prevent it.

    I have spent hours explaining to these Self Hating Samboes, that the use of the First Person Pronoun, WE and US, in classical writings are NOT necessarily PLURAL, and these pronouns are SINGULAR, as in the the King James’ Book, “LET US MAKE MAN” like us Gods ? NO . It is obvious that these Negroes suffer from some advanced stage of the Inferiority Complex, TOM TOM – a name the Negro has been humiliated into abandoning; now naming himself after the Robber Barron Randolph Hearst, CITIZEN KANE, like the other phantom Ricky Nelson John Wayne, thinking that Uncle TOM was not white enough.

    I am always happy to learn and correct my mistakes, so it is with this gratitude I will share the concept of the Singular “WE and US” known as the We of Majesty, Royal US: However REMEMBER!! “WHERE IGNORANCE IS BLISS….” Don’t be foolish like me trying to enlighten the ignoramus, UNLESS it matters not what you are called by a Jackass.

    The royal “we”, or majestic plural (pluralis majestatis in Latin, literally, “the plural of majesty”), is the use of a plural pronoun to refer to a single person holding a high office, such as a sovereign (e.g., a monarch or sultan) or religious leader (e.g., the Pope or a bishop). The more general word for the use of we to refer to oneself is nosism.
    Speakers employing the royal we refer to themselves using a grammatical number other than the singular (i.e., in plural or dual form). For example, the Basic Law of the Sultanate of Oman opens with “On the Issue of the Basic Law of the State We, Qaboos bin Said, Sultan of Oman…”.[1]


    1. “I am always happy to learn and correct my mistakes….”
      But how does someone who knows everything, and doesn’t make mistakes “be happy to learn and correct his mistakes?” Where is the logic?

      You are a jealous, conceited, narrow-minded, insecure, selfish, son-of-a-bitch who just can’t get over the fact that a youth from Monchy, upon receiving his Bachelor’s degree, went on to pass all 4 parts of the CPA exam, bought a house in Bergen County, New Jersey, and is gainfully employed with a brokerage firm; whereas you, who also came to the U.S. for educational and economic reasons, is now back in St.Lucia, broke, with nothing to do but blog on this forum morning, noon, and night; driving everybody crazy.

      Why do you try so hard to portray this Monchy lad as some intellectual midget who lives in somebody’s basement in Brooklyn, when you, yourself, tried desperately, last winter, to visit me at my New Jersey home? Man, envy and jealousy have turned you into an unrecognizable psycho.

  11. /

    The Caucasian Christian who controls the thinking of the Negro slave, teaches his paralyzed and mentally crippled slave anything he chooses. He, the Caucasian gave the African Christianity during slavery to free him ??? Of course NOT! Christianity taught the enslaved African that he was to love his Slave Master with equal love given to God, an abomination that has, to this day not been removed from the Bible, and is self-evident in Negro slaves like the TOM TON KANE. Here are examples of God’s Word ?:
    Colossians 3:22:

    Slaves, obey your earthly masters in everything; and do it, not only when their eye is on you and to win their favor, but with sincerity of heart and reverence for the Lord.

    Then yet another:
    1 Peter 2:18:
    Slaves, submit yourselves to your masters with all respect, not only to those who are good and considerate, but also to those who are harsh.

    Slaveowners would read these verses to slaves as part of the worship services that they allowed (and controlled) as a means of encouraging the proper attitude among their slaves. Based upon these verses, slave owners claimed that the Bible supported slavery and taught slaves to be obedient to their masters.

    The truth is, most, if not all Christians don’t read the whole Bible, and they only believe what they want. So today, homosexuality is blessed in the Christian Churches, even though the Bible clearly states :
    Leviticus 20:13-15
    If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall surely be put to death; their blood is upon them. If a man takes a woman and her mother also, it is depravity; he and they shall be burned with fire, that there may be no depravity among you. If a man lies with an animal, he shall surely be put to death, and you shall kill the animal.


    Deuteronomy 21:18-21
    King James Version (KJV)
    18 If a man have a stubborn and rebellious son, which will not obey the voice of his father, or the voice of his mother, and that, when they have chastened him, will not hearken unto them:
    19 Then shall his father and his mother lay hold on him, and bring him out unto the elders of his city, and unto the gate of his place;
    20 And they shall say unto the elders of his city, This our son is stubborn and rebellious, he will not obey our voice; he is a glutton, and a drunkard.
    21 And all the men of his city shall stone him with stones, that he die: so shalt thou put evil away from among you; and all Israel shall hear, and fear.

    King James Bible (Cambridge Ed.)Luke 14:26

    If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple.

    Truth is there is no end to this insanity, and when it comes to sexual perversion the Bible is just sickening. I will spare you the filth for now unless you request examples.

    1. “He, the Caucasian gave the African Christianity during slavery to free him ???”
      Again, your ‘ignorant slip’ is showing. In a previous blog you boasted about how you are always happy to learn and correct your mistakes. So why aren’t you learing from my 4 years of teaching you, in particular, that Christianity was embraced by parts of Africa – especially Ethiopia – in the first century A.D. while Jesus’ apostles were still alive.
      It was embraced by Europeans three centries later after Constatine made it the official religion of the Roman Empire.

      So Christianity cannot be considered a White-man’s religion if the Black-man had it before him.

  12. /

    If Lucians are in doubt as to the mental health of these delusional Negroes who believe that God impregnated some angelic being and had a Son-Baby-God named Jesus BEFORE THE CREATION OF THE UNIVERSE, who later came to Earth through the vagina of a twelve-year old virgin here’s your proof that the Christianity of today is an African Religion, and so we travel to the Mother Land where CITIZEN TOM TOM KANE is giving testimony of the Blackness of JESUS:



    Here CITIZEN TOM TOM KANE resorts to violence in defence of his WHITE SAVIOR JESUS




  13. Surah Az-Zumar/The Troops
    In the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful.

    “And follow the best of that which is sent down to you from your Lord (i.e. this Qur’ân, do what it orders you to do and keep away from what it forbids), before the torment comes on you suddenly while you perceive not!” (55) 
    Lest a person should say: “Alas, my grief that I was undutiful to Allâh (i.e. I have not done what Allâh has ordered me to do), and I was indeed among those who mocked [at the truth! i.e. Lâ ilâha illallâh (none has the right to be worshipped but Allâh), the Qur’ân, and Muhammad SAW and at the faithful believers] (56) 
    Or (lest) he should say: “If only Allâh had guided me, I should indeed have been among the Muttaqûn (pious and righteous persons – see V.2:2).” (57) 
    Or (lest) he should say when he sees the torment: “If only I had another chance (to return to the world) then I should indeed be among the Muhsinûn (good-doers – see V.2:112).” (58) 
    Yes! Verily, there came to you My Ayât (proofs, evidences, verses, lessons, signs, revelations, etc.) and you denied them, and were proud and were among the disbelievers. (59) 
    And on the Day of Resurrection you will see those who lied against Allâh (i.e. attributed to Him sons, partners) — their faces will be black. Is there not in Hell an abode for the arrogant? (60) 
    And Allâh will deliver those who are the Muttaqûn (pious – see V.2:2) to their places of success (Paradise). Evil shall touch them not, nor shall they grieve. (61) 
    Allâh is the Creator of all things, and He is the Wakîl (Trustee, Disposer of affairs, Guardian) over all things. (62) 
    To Him belong the keys of the heavens and the earth. And those who disbelieve in the Ayât (proofs, evidences, verses, signs, revelations, etc.) of Allâh, such are they who will be the losers. (63) 
    Say (O Muhammad SAW to the polytheists): “Do you order me to worship other than Allâh? O you fools!” (64) 
    And indeed it has been revealed to you (O Muhammad SAW), as it was to those (Allâh’s Messengers) before you: “If you join others in worship with Allâh, (then) surely (all) your deeds will be in vain, and you will certainly be among the losers[].” (65) 

  14. Nay! But worship Allâh (Alone and none else), and be among the grateful. (66) 

    They made not a just estimate of Allâh such as is due to Him. And on the Day of Resurrection the whole of the earth will be grasped by His Hand[] and the heavens will be rolled up in His Right Hand. Glorified is He, and High is He above all that they associate as partners with Him! (67) 
    And the Trumpet will be blown, and all who are in the heavens and all who are on the earth will swoon away, except him whom Allâh wills. Then it will be blown a second time and behold, they will be standing, looking on (waiting)[]. (68) 
    And the earth will shine with the light of its Lord (Allâh, when He will come to judge among men) and the Book will be placed (open) and the Prophets and the witnesses will be brought forward, and it will be judged between them with truth, and they will not be wronged. (69) 
    And each person will be paid in full of what he did; and He is Best Aware of what they do. (70) 
    And those who disbelieved will be driven to Hell in groups, till, when they reach it, the gates thereof will be opened (suddenly like a prison at the arrival of the prisoners). And its keepers will say, “Did not the Messengers come to you from yourselves, reciting to you the Verses of your Lord, and warning you of the Meeting of this Day of yours?” They will say: “Yes, but the Word of torment has been justified against the disbelievers![]” (71) 
    It will be said (to them): “Enter you the gates of Hell, to abide therein. And (indeed) what an evil abode of the arrogant!” (72) 
    And those who kept their duty to their Lord will be led to Paradise in groups, till, when they reach it, and its gates will be opened (before their arrival for their reception) and its keepers will say: Salâmun ‘Alaikum (peace be upon you)! You have done well, so enter here to abide therein.” (73) 
    And they will say: “All the praises and thanks are to Allâh Who has fulfilled His Promise to us and has made us inherit (this) land. We can dwell in Paradise where we will; how excellent a reward for the (pious good) workers!” (74) 
    And you will see the angels surrounding the Throne (of Allâh) from all round, glorifying the praises of their Lord (Allâh). And they (all the creatures) will be judged with truth, and it will be said. All the praises and thanks are to Allâh, the Lord of the ‘Alamîn (mankind, jinn and all that exists).” (75) 

  15. /

    O.K., I need some clarification about Ghost ? I know the Negroes pray to Ghost, but this Holy Ghost seem to me as a third rate God. The Father God I know, got the virgin pregnant with his baby. The Son God Kills himself and then comes back to life for the Easter Bunny, got it. But what does this Ghost do ? turns into a Dove ? eh eh, mi pappishow.

    I think when I was Confirmed, that Ghost had something to do with that – even gave me another Slave Name, calling me Marius. I never used that name and to the best of my knowledge it was never on any official document such as a Passport. Anyway I got rid of all these Slave Masters’ Names, like the great Muhammad Ali, and have since attained the Honourable Title, AL HAJJ after my completion of the Pilgrimage/Al Hajj to Mecca.

    You know I might have killed the Holy Ghost in the Cemetery near the beach in Soufriere as a teenager while on summer vacation. I would always go hunting Ground Doves in the Cemetery with my BB Gun, maybe that’s why the Holy Ghost is so, so, LAPOE, turning into doves? Come ON. At least, God’s little boy, showed us the Jesus spider was no big deal; So he walked on water; something these spiders would show me whenever I went hunting for COO COO MA YORK, En-bar-mango, behind the Mindoo Phillip’s Field in that nasty river.

    So what job has this Ghost have other than this old magician trick of turning into doves ? That Caucasian can really make negroes believe nonsense. God come to save the world on Christmas day, and so he killed himself on Good Friday, was dead for three days and celebrated the Easter Bunny’s holiday on Easter.

  16. “You know I might have killed the Holy Ghost in the Cemetery near the beach in Soufriere….”
    This trash-talking Muslim idiot has now added the Holy Spirit to his bucket list of nonsense. Yes, the same Holy Spirit, that, with the sound of a rushing mighty wind, on May 15 of the year 30 A.D., came down from Heaven and filled the house, in Jerusalem, where the disciples were staying. And from that moment, they spoke in tongues; and on that very day about 3,000 men received the word, and were baptized. And the Christian religion was born.

    Again, Christianity officially started on the 15th of May in the year 30 AD in Jerusalem; and the Holy Spirit, you are ridiculing, played a major role.

    So go tell Muhammad and the rest of your Muslim brothers that when God said LET US create man in our image, he was referring to Himself, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit; so much so that Jesus, when he walked the earth, was able to make this statement: “Most assuredly, I say to you, before Abraham was, I AM.”

    Therefore, the person you killed in that Soufriere cemetery near the beach wasn’t the Holy Spirit; instead, it could havae been that Voodoo/witchcraft practicing uncle of yours. Way to go; you murderer.

  17. What is the difference between a GHOST and a SPIRIT ? I was always taught the THREE PERSONS OF GOD IS FATHER, SON, AND HOLY GHOST. I get the impression, that Negroes feel really stupid if you ask them,: Do you believe in Ghosts ? but have you ever seen the people who become possessed by Ghost ? here we see some frigging lunatics possessed by Lajahbles Ghost and Jean Garjey with CITIZEN KANE IN NEW JERSEY:




  18. Once upon a time the majestic voices of Mahalia Jackson ruled the Gospel genre.
    That was the era of “deeper” meaning or building of moral character.
    Today we have Disney coated superficial pop on one side and even more frivolous misogynic “sambo” AMORAL -hpper superficial hiphop on the other.
    Oh, how the fascist mass culture manipulators like Peron/Pinochet/Mussolini and Goebbels would dance in delight at this mass decadence.
    Speaking in tongues may be viewed in much the same way the divergent tongues that CONFOUNDED the completion of the mythical Tower of Babel.
    Only the demonic hordes are listening- in surround BOSE wave tech-delightfully….

  19. A fine gift for you PeteR…
    Thanks to reading and exploring videos on SATURNALIA (The Son OF Man, in Rochelle “Tis the Season, Voice 12/29/2015), unearthed this gem.
    The connection between the Dutch concept of their PETER and his relation to SANTA -and the symbiosis between Peter Josie and his Santa CHAS, is riveting with factual symbolism.
    Pete this video is your PERFECT GIFT- do introspect after your evening toddy and crumpets, oui…….


    2. MACH BETH

      It is unimaginable that this Caucasian Christians continue to practice such evil against the Africans, but with pathetic Negro Samboes like St. Lucia’s own Black Pete, Josie and the self-hating Frankenstein Monsters with the brain of king Leopold, CITIZEN KANE and RICKY NELSON JOHN WAYNE, misinforming our Black brothers and Sisters, Caucasians feel they have the blessings of these scratching negroes to insult dignified Original Men like us with impunity.

      These Negroes will soon die just like Chastanet, and the Earth will be free of her burdensome trash. Indeed death is a blessing from Almighty G-d/Allah. I don’t like using the word GOD when referring to the Owner of Creation since dog is god spelled backwards.




  20. Sitting back, these past 24 hours, and watching the world celebrate the arrival of the year 2016 (Anno Domini) gives me goose-bumps. It gives me goose-bumps when I consider that just about every nation, people, race and religion have put aside their differences, at least for a moment, to celebrate with fireworks, with music, dancing, eating, and drinking the 2,016th year of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

    We all know that the world is much older than 2,016 years; but with the arrival of Jesus Christ the counting started anew. It didn’t start anew with the arrival of Moses; nor Ezra, nor Buddha, nor MUHAMMAD; it only started anew with the arrival of Jesus, who, together with the Holy Spirit, are One with the God who consulted them before creating man.

    Consciously or unconsciously, the whole world has come to embrace Jesus as the One whose name has filled the earth and has divided history into two epochs: BC and AD; and the world-wide celebrations, even by the world 2 billion Muslims, these past 24 hours have confirmed that there is no other name under heaven by which one can be saved but Jesus..

    1. Surah
      In the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful.
      And bear with patience what they utter, and part from them with a fair leave-taking. (10)
      Leave Me to deal with the deniers, lords of ease and comfort (in this life); and do thou respite them awhile. (11)
      Lo! with Us are heavy fetters and a raging fire, (12)
      And food which choketh (the partaker), and a painful doom (13)
      On the day when the earth and the hills rock, and the hills become a heap of running sand. (14)
      Lo! We have sent unto you a messenger as witness against you, even as We sent unto Pharaoh a messenger. (15)
      But Pharaoh rebelled against the messenger, whereupon We seized him with no gentle grip. (16)
      Then how, if ye disbelieve, will ye protect yourselves upon the day which will turn children grey, (17)
      The very heaven being then rent asunder. His promise is to be fulfilled. (18)

  21. سُوۡرَةُ المُلک
    بِسۡمِ ٱللَّهِ ٱلرَّحۡمَـٰنِ ٱلرَّحِيمِ
    تَبَـٰرَكَ ٱلَّذِى بِيَدِهِ ٱلۡمُلۡكُ وَهُوَ عَلَىٰ كُلِّ شَىۡءٍ۬ قَدِيرٌ (١) ٱلَّذِى خَلَقَ ٱلۡمَوۡتَ وَٱلۡحَيَوٰةَ لِيَبۡلُوَكُمۡ أَيُّكُمۡ أَحۡسَنُ عَمَلاً۬‌ۚ وَهُوَ ٱلۡعَزِيزُ ٱلۡغَفُورُ (٢) ٱلَّذِى خَلَقَ سَبۡعَ سَمَـٰوَٲتٍ۬ طِبَاقً۬ا‌ۖ مَّا تَرَىٰ فِى خَلۡقِ ٱلرَّحۡمَـٰنِ مِن تَفَـٰوُتٍ۬‌ۖ فَٱرۡجِعِ ٱلۡبَصَرَ هَلۡ تَرَىٰ مِن فُطُورٍ۬ (٣) ثُمَّ ٱرۡجِعِ ٱلۡبَصَرَ كَرَّتَيۡنِ يَنقَلِبۡ إِلَيۡكَ ٱلۡبَصَرُ خَاسِئً۬ا وَهُوَ حَسِيرٌ۬ (٤) وَلَقَدۡ زَيَّنَّا ٱلسَّمَآءَ ٱلدُّنۡيَا بِمَصَـٰبِيحَ وَجَعَلۡنَـٰهَا رُجُومً۬ا لِّلشَّيَـٰطِينِ‌ۖ وَأَعۡتَدۡنَا لَهُمۡ عَذَابَ ٱلسَّعِيرِ (٥) وَلِلَّذِينَ كَفَرُواْ بِرَبِّہِمۡ عَذَابُ جَهَنَّمَ‌ۖ وَبِئۡسَ ٱلۡمَصِيرُ (٦) إِذَآ أُلۡقُواْ فِيہَا سَمِعُواْ لَهَا شَہِيقً۬ا وَهِىَ تَفُورُ (٧) تَكَادُ تَمَيَّزُ مِنَ ٱلۡغَيۡظِ‌ۖ كُلَّمَآ أُلۡقِىَ فِيہَا فَوۡجٌ۬ سَأَلَهُمۡ خَزَنَتُہَآ أَلَمۡ يَأۡتِكُمۡ نَذِيرٌ۬ (٨) قَالُواْ بَلَىٰ قَدۡ جَآءَنَا نَذِيرٌ۬ فَكَذَّبۡنَا وَقُلۡنَا مَا نَزَّلَ ٱللَّهُ مِن شَىۡءٍ إِنۡ أَنتُمۡ إِلَّا فِى ضَلَـٰلٍ۬ كَبِيرٍ۬ (٩) وَقَالُواْ لَوۡ كُنَّا نَسۡمَعُ أَوۡ نَعۡقِلُ مَا كُنَّا فِىٓ أَصۡحَـٰبِ ٱلسَّعِيرِ (١٠) فَٱعۡتَرَفُواْ بِذَنۢبِہِمۡ فَسُحۡقً۬ا لِّأَصۡحَـٰبِ ٱلسَّعِيرِ (١١) إِنَّ ٱلَّذِينَ يَخۡشَوۡنَ رَبَّهُم بِٱلۡغَيۡبِ لَهُم مَّغۡفِرَةٌ۬ وَأَجۡرٌ۬ كَبِيرٌ۬ (١٢) وَأَسِرُّواْ قَوۡلَكُمۡ أَوِ ٱجۡهَرُواْ بِهِۦۤ‌ۖ إِنَّهُ ۥ عَلِيمُۢ بِذَاتِ ٱلصُّدُورِ (١٣) أَلَا يَعۡلَمُ مَنۡ خَلَقَ وَهُوَ ٱللَّطِيفُ ٱلۡخَبِيرُ (١٤) هُوَ ٱلَّذِى جَعَلَ لَكُمُ ٱلۡأَرۡضَ ذَلُولاً۬ فَٱمۡشُواْ فِى مَنَاكِبِہَا وَكُلُواْ مِن رِّزۡقِهِۦ‌ۖ وَإِلَيۡهِ ٱلنُّشُورُ (١٥) ءَأَمِنتُم مَّن فِى ٱلسَّمَآءِ أَن يَخۡسِفَ بِكُمُ ٱلۡأَرۡضَ فَإِذَا هِىَ تَمُورُ (١٦) أَمۡ أَمِنتُم مَّن فِى ٱلسَّمَآءِ أَن يُرۡسِلَ عَلَيۡكُمۡ حَاصِبً۬ا‌ۖ فَسَتَعۡلَمُونَ كَيۡفَ نَذِيرِ (١٧) وَلَقَدۡ كَذَّبَ ٱلَّذِينَ مِن قَبۡلِهِمۡ فَكَيۡفَ كَانَ نَكِيرِ (١٨)

    Surah Al-Mulk
    In the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful.
    Blessed is He in Whose hand is the Sovereignty, and, He is Able to do all things. (1)
    Who hath created life and death that He may try you which of you is best in conduct; and He is the Mighty, the Forgiving, (2) Who hath created seven heavens in harmony. Thou (Muhammad) canst see no fault in the Beneficent One’s creation; then look again: Canst thou see any rifts? (3)
    Then look again and yet again, thy sight will return unto thee weakened and made dim. (4)
    And verily We have beautified the world’s heaven with lamps, and We have made them missiles for the devils, and for them We have prepared the doom of flame. (5)
    And for those who disbelieve in their Lord there is the doom of hell, a hapless journey’s end! (6)
    When they are flung therein they hear its roaring as it boileth up, (7)
    As it would burst with rage. Whenever a (fresh) host is flung therein the wardens thereof ask them: Came there unto you no warner? (8)
    They say: Yea, verily, a warner came unto us; but we denied and said: Allah hath naught revealed; ye are in naught but a great error. (9)
    And they say: Had we been wont to listen or have sense, we had not been among the dwellers in the flames. (10)
    So they acknowledge their sins; but far removed (from mercy) are the dwellers in the flames. (11)
    Lo! those who fear their Lord in secret, theirs will be forgiveness and a great reward. (12)
    And keep your opinion secret or proclaim it, lo! He is Knower of all that is in the breasts (of men). (13)
    Should He not know what He created? And He is the Subtile, the Aware. (14)
    He it is Who hath made the earth subservient unto you, so Walk in the paths thereof and eat of His providence. And unto Him will be the resurrection (of the dead). (15)
    Have ye taken security from Him Who is in the heaven that He will not cause the earth to swallow you when lo! it is convulsed? (16)
    Or have ye taken security from Him Who is in the heaven that He will not let loose on you a hurricane? But ye shall know the manner of My warning. (17)
    And verily those before them denied, then (see) the manner of My wrath (with them)! (18)

  22. A few t s-nip-pets (especially for hose NIPing 40+ proof) from
    (Since Muslims, Jews, etc., may not be entirely comfortable with this, the designation “A.D.” is now sometimes replaced by the more neutral C.E. (for “Common Era”), and instead of B.C. (“Before Christ”) B.C.E. (for “Before Common Era”) is sometimes used.)
    4. Astronomical Year Numbering
    Astronomers designate years prior to 1 A.D. by means of zero and negative numbers, according to the sequence of numbers …, -2, -1, 0, 1, 2, …. Between the year 1 and the year -1 there occurs the year 0. Thus astronomers adopt the following convention:

    1 A.D. = 1 C.E. = year 1
    1 B.C. = 1 B.C.E. = year 0
    2 B.C. = 2 B.C.E. = year -1 and so on
    More generally, a year popularly designated n B.C. or n B.C.E. is designated by astronomers as the year -(n-1).
    The rules for leap years work for years prior to 1 C.E. only if those years are expressed according to the astronomical system, not if expressed as years B.C.E. 4 C.E. is a leap year in both calendars, 1 B.C.E. = astronomical year 0, 5 B.C.E. = year -4, 9 B.C.E. = year -8, and so on, are all leap years. 101 B.C.E. = year -100 is a leap year in the (proleptic) Julian Calendar but not in the (proleptic) Gregorian Calendar.
    These statements, however, are only theoretically true, because (as noted above) prior to 4 C.E. the leap years were not observed correctly by the Roman calendrical authorities.
    The choice of which system of numbering years to use is relevant to the question: When Does the New Millennium Begin? as can be seen from the following:

    Gregorian Religiously Common Era
    Calendar Neutral Calendar
    3 BC 3 BCE -2 CE
    2 BC 2 BCE -1 CE
    CE millennium begins 0-01-01 CE
    1 BC 1 BCE 0 CE
    Gregorian millennium usually taken to begin 1-1-1 AD
    1 AD 1 CE 1 CE
    2 AD 2 CE 2 CE
    … … …
    1998 AD 1998 CE 1998 CE
    1999 AD 1999 CE 1999 CE
    CE millennium ends 1999-12-31 CE
    CE millennium begins 2000-01-01 CE
    2000 AD 2000 CE 2000 CE
    Gregorian millennium usually taken to end 2000-12-31 AD
    Gregorian millennium usually taken to begin 2001-1-1 AD
    2001 AD 2001 CE 2001 CE
    January 1st, 1 AD is usually taken to be the start of the first Christian millennium, but a case could be made for January 1st, 1 BC (see the comment above concerning the Incarnation), which would imply that the third Christian millennium began on January 1st, 2000 AD.)
    -ALL calendar systems (including the Aztecs) were designed by learned men of science (math /astronomy)
    – To IMPLY that GOD bequeath the current widely used AD is heresy.
    – The Roman empire left a legacy driven to streamline COMMERCE- athe point of the sword. The RC papacy which piggy backed on its remnants managed to streamline religious demands, commercial alacrity, harnessing of PAGAN festivals etc. on an earlier Babylonian codification calender (read nin Christian).
    – The current CE codification is a better crossover for the Binary systems of computer. Our great grandchildren will look back at the AD-BC system in much the same way we view Neanderthals 🙂
    We can predict that if a Trump becomes president , he would breakaway King Henry 8th
    style and create the new USA calender (after the 2008 meltdown 🙂
    To those who abstain from the nips of rut gut firewater, here’s wishing a New Year lunch of roasted partially ripe breadfruit with desalted deboned smoked herrings in a thick fresh tomato sauce (real tomatoes) and a tall glass of Squash (with fond memories of the wafting aromas from Ren’s , Cazabon and Central Bakeries during the busiest das of December……….some time ago)

    1. “(Since Muslims, Jews, etc., may not be entirely comfortable with this, the designation “A.D.” is now sometimes replaced by the more neutral C.E. (for “Common Era”), and instead of B.C. (“Before Christ”) B.C.E. (for “Before Common Era”)”
      But what exactly is the Common Era? According to the dictionary, an “Era” is an Age, Epoch, or a Period; so this year being 2,016 years after an Age, Epoch, or Period just doesn’t make sense.

      2,016 years after a specific event, such as the birth of Christ, make a lot more sense and it’s more easily understood than some Common Era that is yet to be explained to the masses.
      So those who are trying to replace A.D. and B.C. with C.E. and B.C.E., because of their rejection of Christ, will not get my vote or my ever using C.E. and B.C.E.

  23. SON OF MAN

    Sunday became one of the major days in the church (RC.) calendar after Constantine decided that it was to be a day of civic as well as religious worship. The festival of Christmas become a regular practice about the middle of the fourth century with the adoption of the December date that had been previously used by the worshipers of Mithra. The Feast of Epiphany, which celebrated the coming .of the Magi to see Christ, was also brought into the church calendar

    Clement and Tertullian had ascribed eternal virginity to Mary. Augustine believed that the mother of the sinless .Christ had never committed actual sin. Monasticism, with its emphasis upon virginity, strengthened the idea of the veneration of Mary. These and other consideration led the Roman Church to give special honor to Mary. What at first was merely acknowledgement of her exalted position as Christ’s mother soon became belief in her intercessory power because it was thought that the Son would be glad to listen to the request of his mother,
    The Nistorian and other Christological controversies of the fourth century resulted in the acceptance of her as the “Mother of God” and entitled her to special honors in the liturgy.

    That kankan is nothing but a “SCHLANGE”.

  24. /

    We have embarked on the 2016 journey, and many of us will be abducted by the Angel of Death who will be given charge over our souls at the time of death, and so let me say goodbye to Michael Chastanet and thank him for the tons of money he has bequeathed to my estate.

    Let me thank the many hard working Journalist at the Voice of St. Lucia, who have executed their most honourable Profession of teaching the truth to those of us who love learning, in the most excellent form. The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) told us that to acquire truth and dispense it to anyone, is one of the greatest acts of good. Dispensing falsehoods has the exact opposite effects, landing the practitioners in the lowest level of Hell. Allah’s name is AL-HAQQ/The Truth.
    Surah Al-Shuara
    In the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful.
    Shall I inform you, (O people!) on whom it is that the Satans descend? (221) They descend on every lying wicked person (222) 
    (Into whose ears) they pour hearsay vanities, and most of them are liars. (223) 
    And the Poets― it is those straying in Evil, who follow them: (224) 
    Seest thou not that they wander distracted in every valley?― (225) 
    And that they say what they practice not?― (226) 
    Except those who believe, work righteousness, engage much in the remembrance of Allah, and defend themselves after they are unjustly attacked. And soon will the unjust assailants know what vicissitudes their affairs will take! (227) 

    I thank the many bloggers, Dr. MACH BETH, DR. OPTICAL, NUDGE, and the many bloggers who shared useful information that expanded my knowledge. Thanks to the Negro-acolyte-slave CITIZEN KANE for his practical demonstration of what became of the Muslim Kunta Kinte after he lost is language, name, history, and religion and became TOBY, as CITIZEN KANE begs his White God, a Naked Caucasian male for crumbs and a white woman, to bring to our island as testimony of his Honorary White status in NY, where he is a Ghost hunter, and SPEAKS-IN-TONGUES which nobody can understand, making him a MOO MOO BLOGGER, HAA-HAA. In this picture, where is TOM TOM CITIZEN KANE, the Caucasians talk about him but he is invisible; a GHOST/SPOOK perhaps?




    1. I think it would be safe to say that this little Monchy boy, CITIZEN KANE, gets under your skin unlike anyone else. You better get use to it for I’m not going anywhere.

      Keep spewing your Anti-European, Anti-Christian, Anti-Josie, Anti-Rick Wayne, Anti-Citizen Kane, venom; and you’ll hear from me. Always.

      1. /

        It was brought to my attention that you have an insatiable appetite for rectums, and the Doctor DASSAULT MIRAGE instructed me to saturate your short, sick, and wretched future, with a diet befitting a criminal under suicide watch, since he expects that you Samboe Kane, and Black Pete will be interred with your Master Michael Chastanet to serve him as his firewood-carriers in the afterlife.
        Surah Al-Masadd
        In the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful.
        Perish the two hands of Abu Lahab, and perish he! 1 (1)

        Neither his wealth benefited him, nor what he earned. 2 (2)

        He will soon enter a Fire, full of flames, (3)

        And his wife as well,__the wicked 3 carrier of firewood. 4 (4)

        Around her neck, there is (a collar of iron, like) a well-twisted rope. 5 (5)

        1) Abu Lahab was one of the uncles of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W). When the Holy Prophet (S.A.W) was directed by verse 26:214 to invite his clan to Islam, he ascended to the mount of Safa and cried out to the tribe of Quraish in a manner that was known among them for warning the tribe of an expected attack from an enemy. All the clans of Quraish assembled around him, and he said to them, “If I were to tell you that the enemy is about to attack you, would you believe me?” All of them replied in affirmative. Then he said, “I am a warner sent to you before a severe torment (if you continue worshipping idols.)” Abu Lahab responded, ‘Perish you! Is it for this purpose that you have called us together?’ This Surah was revealed in this background.

        2) According to some reports, Abu Lahab bragged that if the torment of the Hereafter was true, he had enough wealth and children to save himself from it.

        3) The word ‘wicked’ is though not available in the text in express terms, the nasb on hammalah,, which is termed in Arabic grammar as nasb ‘aladh-dhamm carries this meaning.

        4) She was Umm Jamil. Like her husband, she was a staunch enemy of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W). According to some reports, she used to collect thorny branches from the jungle, and place them in the way of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W). This is one explanation of the phrase ‘carrier of firewood’. According to other exegetes, ‘carrier of firewood’ is an expression used by the Arabs for a person who sows dissension and ignites the fire of enmity between people by backbiting. She used to narrate unfounded stories about the Holy Prophet (S.A.W) to ignite the fire of hatred against him.

        5) This is the position in which she will be resurrected on the Day of Judgment.


  25. Cocaine Head Citizen
    Kindly leave the good name of Monchy out of this modern trench warfare…….pleasey please
    The citizens therein are an astute section of professional workers and are mindful of historical FACTS:
    – Is EUROPE pure and Sinless that no one can point a critique at her soul?
    She started 2 WORLD WARS and statistics usually mentioned the numbers of dead soldiers …….not the untold misery and suffering of generations of civilians…
    hey even Choc Cemetery did its likkle part for likkle St.Lucia
    GOd Save the King …you know that song we now sing for QEII.
    Lets go back
    The battles (WARS) led by POPES to to hem in their power………why has hollywood not done a frigging hyper gonad war movie of POPES leading wars in Europe
    BUT they did a whole HBO on Saladin taking Jerusalem …
    albeit the Crusader knights are given noble posterity in the final outcome.
    In other words Bad press for the Muslims and noble uplift .. even in defeat for the Knights Templar et al
    Moi piece de resistance is not even the ungodly MIDDLE PASSAGE drama of le African slave trade
    Cristobal Colombo and le Conquistadors drama
    HAWKINS & DRAKE slaughter and piracy on behalf of their MAJESTIC EUROPEAN ROYALTY.
    Voila! BON pour le tete COCAINE, n.est pas?
    So cocaine head you have no humanistic venom against the wholesale ETHNIC CLEANSING of native americans in StLucia, North -Central -and south americas
    THe thievery of their lands lifes and culture? Holy crapolla!
    perhaps this is all ancient history to you- like cro-magnon ..oui
    How about BOSNIA you were around for that ethnic cleansing, oui?
    Even the EUROPEAN court at the Hague got the president GUILTY
    Yes sir, according to your cocaine citizen-ship
    Europe is a VESTAL VIRGIN -PURE as the fresh snow snorted in your nose!
    Then Satan was Mother Theresa’s gigolo STUD!

  26. Cocaine Citizen/
    Lest we forget
    The ROTHCHILD central Banking System , IMF et al are all controlled by charEUROPE.
    DO they spread the wealth as POPE FRANCIS (non European) charged them in his recent NYCITY visit
    HELL NO!
    Theirs is to tighten the screws on the masses and secure the POSTERITY of the opulent aristocrats (e.g. Chas inc.) gently
    who you suck rectums for, diligently., n’est pas?
    PS I await PEETAR JOSIE’s next post with delight as I suture his “bleeding for a tampon “””Broken DReams” -novel?
    WOW his memoirs really affirm what I made of him from his posts
    He is what he is
    -now I UNDERSTAND – between his own lines 🙂
    If passion and dedication to one’s belief to embrace the DIvine were standards whereby a foreign Martian could analyze earthlings.
    You cocaine head would be a groveling AMOEBA
    while SOM is a PRINCE VALIANT !

  27. From the Europe mouth
    sing the deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) of Native American women in North and South America, a two-man research team from the Göttingen University in Germany and the University of Washington in the United States drew up a family tree of contemporary and ancient Native peoples.

    Overall, 137 mitochondrial genomes and 63 old subsequences of this genome were assessed. The researchers pointed out that the mitochondrial genome is passed on through the maternal lineage. Sophisticated bioinformational methods indicated how the Native American population peaked around 5 000 years ago and then remained constant for millennia. About 500 years ago later, the population shrank by half.

    ‘These losses were not limited to specific regions, but rather distributed across both American continents, with the severest impacts occurring in the most densely populated regions,’ said Dr Lars Fehren-Schmitz of the Göttingen University. This decline did not last very long; the indigenous population started to grow again quite quickly. ‘This new population growth suggests that the cause of the decline can only be attributable to fast- and short-acting factors, for example, from diseases brought over by the Europeans in combination with ****war and famine****”
    -my asterisks to highlight the “VENOM” you overlook -COCAINE HEAD!,

      1. /


        WORDS OF CITIZEN KO KANE: “It’s hard to reply intelligently when you don’t know whether you’re replying to a boy or a girl?”

        There you go again, SPEAKING-IN-TONGUES with your Holy Ghost delirium, behaving in your trademark retardation mode; since you are marooned somewhere Before the Common Era in your BC mode of mimicry, let me question you! WHEN IN YOUR 6,000 YEAR EXISTENCE, DID GENDER BECOME A DETERMINANT IN OBJECTIVITY ?

        Dr. DASSAULT MIRAGE has so generously taken time to instruct us of the designation of historical periods to our great benefit. You somehow always think that Ignorance is blissful and attractive, going as far as to state that Human Beings have been on this Planet for six-thousand years, because the Holy Ghost told you so in the Bible?

        You have attained your life’s dream of fornicating with a Pale Yankee woman, and have since been inducted into the Honorary-White League of Mutants, so do us a favor, and bleach your skin with Arsenic which should help alleviate the symptoms of Syphilis you display with such prominence, having contracted such a mental disorder because of your love for the Caucasian prostitutes of Eight Avenue NY, and at the Entrance to the Lincoln Tunnel at the Bowery.



  28. Cokane Citizen/
    I’m your venom man
    More….please…. mais oui!
    “The discovery of America, and that of the passage to the East Indies by the Cape of Good Hope, are the two greatest events recorded in the history of [human] kind”

    —Adam Smith, in The Wealth of Nations (Marks 5)

    Adam Smith, the founding father of free-market economics, argued that these were the two most important game-changing moments in history: Columbus’ discovery of a route to the Americas in 1492 and Vasco da Gama’s feat of sailing around southern Africa to find the sea route to Asia in 1498. Historians have traditionally agreed with Smith that these were two of the most important turning points in world history. They go a long way in explaining the gradual ascent of a wealthy, powerful, and imperial Europe. These events led to the emergence of the first-ever completely global market, one that fierce international rivals sought to dominate. Europe eventually found itself at the center of the global economic network, commanding large empires. In the next section, we’ll look at Europe’s discovery of a route to the “New World” in the Americas and explore why it is so important in understanding modern imperialism.

  29. Come on Cokane Citizen/
    You know you need MORE- to snort and Gloat like a Viking!
    “he Americas in search of riches.

    Upon arriving in the Americas, the Spanish and Portuguese sought precious metals or land that could be worked for profit, usually by slave labor. For example, Columbus and the Spanish settlers that followed him to the island of Hispaniola (today the Dominican Republic and Haiti) divided the land amongst themselves and virtually enslaved the indigenous Taino. Likewise, in 1519, the Spanish conqueror Hernan Cortez landed in Mexico seeking the rumored gold of the Aztecs. The emperor Moctezuma welcomed the Spaniards, but Cortez kidnapped the emperor and demanded treasure. Once Aztec nobles delivered the ransom, the treacherous Cortez killed Moctezuma and set about conquering central Mexico. Cortez repeated the pattern many conquerors followed, setting up a new nobility (of Spaniards) to rule over the indigenous people by exploiting their land and commanding their labor. Like many “men on the spot” at key imperial junctures, Cortez acted on his own, without the approval of the Spanish crown. Fourteen years after Cortez conquered the Aztecs, fellow Spaniard Francisco Pizarro copied Cortez’s game plan. He landed in Incan territory in 1533 in search of treasure. He too kidnapped the emperor (Atahualpa), demanded gold ransom, then murdered the emperor and conquered an empire. Clearly, the unifying motive of the conqueror here was plundered treasure. The Spanish set up colonial systems that allowed them to exploit and control the people and the land of the Americas for centuries. “

    Guess whose church was the REFEREE and ACCOUNTANT (hmmm isn’t that your NOBLE career)
    Damn right ! Those BIG Crosses on the Sarnta Maria , Nina & Pinta represented the POPE’s INTERESTS -in the spoils, n’est pas?
    “There are many reasons why Europeans succeeded in conquering diverse nations and empires of the Americas. First, the Spaniards and Portuguese employed cutting-edge sailing and navigational technology to reach, explore, and shuttle back and forth from the Americas. Cortez benefited from several other Eurasian technological advantages when his small band of six hundred Spaniards defeated the enormous Aztec empire. Conquistadores used steel swords and armor against the wooden clubs and cotton armor of the Aztecs. The original Americans had no answer for cannons and other firearms, such as arquebuses. Also, the Aztecs had never seen or used horses, and they found them terrifying to face in battle. Furthermore, Europeans benefitted from living in literate cultures that could easily record and pass down detailed knowledge about navigation, technology, and conquest. But, most importantly, Europeans brought with them deadly diseases that devastated the Aztec and the Inca, and indeed all the native people in North and South America.

    Massive demographic catastrophe occurred wherever Europeans made contact with indigenous Americans. The pattern was set with the Taino, whom Columbus met on his first voyage to the island of Hispaniola. The original Taino population of about 600,000 in 1492 shrank in just 20 years to under 60,000 (Getz 62). It was common to see a drop of 90 percent or more in native populations. One hundred years after the conquest of Mexico, the indigenous population had decreased from twenty-five million to one million (68). In Peru, the Inca met a similar fate. This pandemic severely depopulated or wiped out all natives of the Americas. “

    Ou la la, all this must be making you eager to suck some Belgium “chocolate truffles”- get it!
    Come on you must love this venomous “crap”- you gloat on it with lip smacking delight.

    “There were many long-term consequences of the European conquest of the Americas and the global exchange that ensued. It took the Spanish only a few years to find and plunder the two wealthiest empires in the Americas. Huge silver mines found in Mexico and Peru in the mid-16th century meant that Spain instantly became the largest supplier of silver in the world. In the first 150 years following conquest, the Spanish exported 32 million pounds of silver and 360,000 pounds of gold (Marks 78). Spain spent much of this wealth in costly wars in a failed attempt to rule Europe. Much of this silver eventually ended up in China, but we’ll learn more about that later. The depopulation of large regions of the Americas also led Europeans to search for cheap labor. Perhaps the most important consequence of the Colombian Exchange was the forced migration and enslavement of millions of people.

    While the Spanish conquered Mexico and Peru, the Portuguese subjugated Brazil and, as a result, led the way in trafficking enslaved people to the Americas. They started in 1441 in western Africa (Getz 86). Ironically, the Europeans’ insatiable appetite for sweetness led to this brutal trade. Wherever the sugarcane crop dominated, so too did plantations with enslaved labor. Unlike Mexico or Peru, the Portuguese colony of Brazil lacked precious metals near the coast. So the Portuguese developed sugar plantations outfitted with enslaved Africans. The Portuguese took sugarcane grass from its native homeland in South and East Asia, transplanted it to Brazil, and then sold the sugar to Europe and colonial North America. The first truly global trade was also the most nefarious. It set the precedent of using African slaves to create cash crops to be sold abroad in a global market. Eighty percent of the 11 million enslaved Africans who came to the Americas went to sugar plantation regions of Brazil and the Caribbean (90). “

  32. Cokane Citizen
    Take a likkle break to massage your high: I give you the High Priest of modern rock who made millions with his tribute to the slave trade:

    Gold Coast slave ship bound for cotton fields
    Sold in the market down in New Orleans
    Scarred old slaver knows he’s doin’ all right
    Hear him whip the women just around midnight

    Brown Sugar, how come you taste so good
    Brown Sugar, just like a young girl should

    Drums beatin’ cold, English blood runs hot
    Lady of the house wonderin’ when it’s gonna stop
    House boy knows that he’s doin’ all right
    You should have heard him just around midnight
    Brown Sugar, just like a young girl should

    Brown Sugar, how come you dance so good
    Brown Sugar, just like a black girl should

    I bet your mama was a Cajun Queen,
    And all her boyfriends were sweet sixteen
    I’m no school boy but I know what I like
    You should have heard them just around midnight

    Brown Sugar, how come you taste so good
    Brown Sugar, just like a black girl should

    I said, yeah, yeah, yeah, wooo
    How come you, how come you dance so good
    Yeah, yeah, yeah, wooo
    Just like a, just like a black girl should
    Yeah, yeah, yeah, wooo

    © Abkco Music, Inc.

    Yeah I know you like dat Citizen Kane-rocks your boat uh hum!
    Now take a snort and a sip of moet (your buddy josie likes Johnnie Walker Black–no sissy rut gut for him)
    enjoy your English King of EUROPEAN RocKi live & in color
    WARNING this video is only for adults who wish to study how the richest BRITISH rock group in the world can make a hit record (platinum +) while SATIRIZING the slave trade
    Come on Cokane Head , Josie you gotta love this stuff

  33. Uuuum Pete
    You once stated most emphatically your disdain for SATIRE-
    now that you have listened to a band of London blokes make $ millions on just one SATIRE-
    of the Slave trade –
    for pete’s sake ,isn’t it incredulous?
    I await your next post and some frank conversations about your memoirs, oui?

  34. Citizen (Cocaine Head) Kane
    While we are still fresh with exhilartion from the High priest of European rock (the Greatest Money maker of all rock 🙂 time 🙂
    let’s read and listen to what this Great EUROPEAn contemporary arts leader has to say about EUROPEAN HISTORY and more importantly THE POWER that fuels European power:
    You did ask for venom , n’est pas/
    Advisory – the following lyrics contain explicit language:

    Please allow me to introduce myself
    I’m a man of of wealth and taste

    I watched with glee
    While your kings and queens
    Fought for ten decades
    For the gods they made
    (Woo woo, woo woo)
    : Rolling Stones – Sympathy For The Devil Lyrics |

  35. Uuuummm Citizen Ko Kane/
    Hope I left enough active links / citations for your verification
    We the people love AUTHENTICITY, oui!
    All the spewing cleavages 🙂 above are from recognized most highly esteemed EUROPEAN sources-
    in other words of Europeans, by Europeans…………
    Pure facts, as white as the powder you snort, n,est pas?

  36. /

    I doubt that an individual who thinks that speaking-in-tongues is the pinnacle of communication, will benefit from the wealth of information you so generously infused into our consciousness; I refer to Citizen KO KANE – AN APPROPRIATE CHRISTENING FOR THIS BLOCKHEAD CITIZEN KO KANE.


      You ought to know.

  37. /

    Even as Negroes like Citizen KO KANE residing in some Caucasian’s Basement in Brooklyn NY, gives Lucians the false impressions that the Caucasian Christian and their White Supremacist apparatus have reformed their EVIL practices against the Black Christian, allowing CITIZEN KO KANE AND THE NEGRO RICKY JOHN WAYNE to have Pale “WHITE WOMEN” to practice fornication and perverted anilingus acts, and thereby confirming their status as Honorary Whites.

    These Evil Caucasian Christians continue to practice terrorism with impunity, killing and murdering Black Children, women and grandmothers and grandfarthers, while teaching Blacks to hate themselves and kill each other as the mis-educated Black Pete Josie has demonstrated in his hatred of the Black woman. These Prosecutors refuse to even indict these murderers of Black Christians even with video evidence showing the acts of murder being committed.

    Today a Group of armed TERRORIST have taken over the United States Federal offices in Oregon threatening to kill anyone who stands in their way, and because of their Caucasian ethnicity, these terrorist are being referred to as “ARMED PROTESTERS” by the White Supremacist Propaganda Media, aka NEWS MEDIA. These are the things that the rest of humanity never sees in the bias News coverage. Ask yourself, WHY IS THIS NOT BEING BLANKETED in NEWS COVERAGE, AND WHY THESE TERRORIST ARE BEING CALLED “ARMED PROTESTERS” ?

    Do you think that PAID “SOOS-SERES” like John Wayne will ever point these contradictions and hypocritical practices by the so-called White American Christian to you Lucians ? when he is a paid agent of the CIA ? And this fellow Black Pete ? do you think he even has a CLUE while consuming all kinds of intoxicants ?



  38. /

    Even as Negroes like Citizen KO KANE residing in some Caucasian’s Basement in Brooklyn NY, gives Lucians the false impressions that the Caucasian Christian and their White Supremacist apparatus have reformed their EVIL practices against the Black Christian, allowing CITIZEN KO KANE AND THE NEGRO RICKY JOHN WAYNE to have Pale “WHITE WOMEN” to practice fornication and perverted anilingus acts, and thereby confirming their status as Honorary Whites, the oppression of the African continues.

  39. Citizen KoKane Head
    Your neanderthal / Cro Magnon RETARDED view of INTELLECT Shines as BRIGHTLY as the flame- OUT flambeau
    The smartest person in the UWP camp is a CHEEKY CHICK …that right a GIRL named RIGO the REGAL BUTT………Oh , but the massacre of her cultural identity she has to endure to be part of the NAZI artistecamp of Flambeau
    I understand your psychosis with GENDER Differentiation and your HATRED of BLACK WOMEN
    Your NAZI pea brain did not even wrap around the multi levels of messages encoded in a platinum rock single BROWN SUGAR by the (at that time- and I deliberately chose that era /developmental milestone of Mick Jagger and also David Bowie’s developmental 🙂 T!ME 🙂 as an ADROGYNOUS artiste.
    It is not surprising that both Mick Jagger & David Bowie MARRIED WOMEN OF CoLOR -to REAFFIRM their manhood…….
    However, the VIKINGS of St.Lucia did marry black loosshan women in much the same way the Vikings finally married settled French Normandy- converted – and became THE NORMANS whose blood made England the IMPERIAL empire it became…
    But your pipsqueak KOKANE Head cannot wrap around these facts that have been posted on this very forum……
    Yeah, baby it is that old VIKING cum Norman blood that flowed in the hearts of Satanic Queen Mary, Ruthless QE 1 , First international tea & opium cartel Queen Victoria.
    I know your female partner iis just a cover for you Citizen Kokane Head.
    I saw her X-Mas shopping on Christopher Street (West Village, New York City) at that Exotic Toys Boutigue
    For the latest Strap On.
    One must ass-ume that your most euphoric moment, Citizen KoKane, is urging on the thrusts of a caucasian woman wielding that Mandigo styled STRAP_ON –
    as she spreads the flatulent cheeks ofyour Glutanus Maximus….
    Poor Citizen KoKane ….how he drools for the more powerful ram rod potential of an Amazonian Woman of Color , n’est pas 🙂

  40. Citizen KoKane Head
    By the by……….
    A GIRL pharmacist that attended university with me ……
    runs a special bulk rate discount on PREPARATION H ointment for professional closeted fags from her Chelsea , New York City store -via mail.
    Want some at 40 % retail?

  41. But back to more gender-less as INTELLECTUAL conversation:
    Sensei SOM, lets not forget the glossy sweetened media coverage of the OKLOHOMA FEDERAL BUILDING bombing by the ex US soldier McVee
    (uuum another of Peter Josie’s favorite IRISH men)
    The excuses heaped on him , to tug at the public’s sympathy for deranged ex soldiers were more forgiving than the lost souls who perished-
    and viewed mostly as collateral damage

  42. This gauntlet is for Citizen KoKane Head/
    I know you are lost to any form of redemption ; spiritual, DETOX or sexual depravity conversion)
    but please return to dwarf banana sized strap ons.
    That new Mandigo model used by your white concubine in her “I got the Power”
    female dominant position- is gonna wreck your pelvic girdle-
    if not your sphincter,
    in less than a year.
    I know you crave the taboo of an Amazon tigress,
    the allure is splattered all over your cognitive dissonance with MY VIRILE GENDER
    Malheureusement, any authentic enlightened black woman would repulse a cocaine head as if contaminated with bucolic plague (circa European Black Plague 🙂 TIME 🙂

  43. Since you and your gay lover, Son-of-man, are so busy having a field day at Citizen Kane’s expense, let me remind you of what one blogger had to say about of you:

    “Dassault- congratulations , you have just won the diarrhea of words/constipation of thought award. The last winner was an old 35RPM record that ran an endless loop of the same words for 12 days. But yours was the superior effort. Week after week the same tiresome, mindless critique of Peter Josie. The same words and never a new idea. Who cares what you say he might have done 20 years ago and why would that apply to a comment regarding today’s news. Several days ago you admitted your writings were an effort to improve your language skills. Your “diarrhea” award is a clear indication of your current status. It has become clear to me why you never use your real name as owner of your critique. In my last series I suggested it had to do with your lack of testicles but there is clearly a second diagnosis in evidence – an awareness of your lack of competence.”

  44. “Dassault – back to submarines, are we. It still boggles my mind that you choose to model your efforts of concealment on this military anachronism. Sitting on the bottom of the sea awaiting an order to potentially end the world requires a bizarre mindset. And somehow deterrence seems beyond your current scope. Why don’t you try being a Ninja or go back to my initial suggestion, a Klu Klux Klaner.
    Shame on you for talking naughty. But this discussion of your hypogonadism seems to have struck a nerve. Could it be that my persistent labeling you a eunuch has been wrong? Perhaps your testosterone deficiency is congenital. Perhaps you really are a girl. If so, please excuse my error. But no female author would ever refuse to sign her critiques, at least none that I respect.”

  45. Here is more Dassault:

    “Dassault- Gosh, I hope your wounds are not fatal. From a man/woman who has “ass” in his/her first name and who’s last name is a visual nothing, Dumb-manure is a step up. Congrats on your mental masturbation riff noted above. Your mastery of curve balls and nuckle balls, especially from one whose balls are absent, was spectacular but missed the plate. But existing in an ex- pat paradise such as you now appear to do allows an assumed dominance that us simple back woods folks must accept. Sorry, but you is what you is. And an anonymous semi-wordsmith who can’t get off his/her Peter Josie bender ain’t much. But the choir appreciates your effort.”

  46. This one blogger had plenty to say to you and your pal Son-of-man:

    “Dassault (aka Frog Jet)- they don’t allow no Frog plane out here in the boondocks. Might scare the chickens and pigs. But I’m confused. Who are you? A submarine, a jet , a laser, a samauri, a looney tune just out of the Psych ward after a month stay for multiple personality disorder. Your fellow choir member “Son of Man” used the term “Doctor”. Could it be true? Am I challenging someone with so much education? How dare I? One then must presume you are a gynecologist because of your extensive knowledge of the female anatomy and extensive familiarity with sex toys. But males of the species would feel safe with their woman in the hands of a eunuch. But wait, we have yet to determine you are not a girl. And that you tube. We don’t allow no RuPaul types out here. Makes the banana pickers confused. Josie didn’t ask me to deal with your fecal stream. Nor does he care what you and your choir say/think. As for me, it is something to do between trips to the river and picking grapefruit. Sometimes the grapefruit is more interesting.”

  47. Dassault, you and your gay pal Son-of-man who was molested, as a young boy, by a priest on Micoud Street are a perfect match; you two assholes belong together.

    Now, let me get back to preparing and sending out year-end information to our clients. You’ll be hearing from me again.

  48. Peetar hurry back from your X-Mas HANGOVER, your KoKane Citizen pawn is TOO BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Pleasey Please Peetar -at least you are a chivalrous scoundrel………
    Pete ole boy,
    The half life of a “Judas High Priest” isotope moves rapidly in its vertigo inducing premature retreat to its destined ‘event horizon’ , i.e., unabashed hypocricy. (the word/concept PREMATURE shall be REVISTED when we discuss your ABORTED /derailed AL level ST Mary’s scholastic pathway)
    Is this the reason why you utilize a closeted in a latrine, Kokane Citizen BLOCK- Head pawn to run interference for you on this Chess forum.
    Your garcon use to c-muen guen but lately his sexual and drug depravity is off the chains. He can only regurgitate the crusty stool piles he has licked from your other desperate supporters.
    I know he is as imaginative as a slice of bland –stale white bread but he has become the epitome of BOREDOM.
    Is that your rearguard strategy Peetar- enlist a pipsqueak cracker-a mere garcon at that- to cover your flanks and rear.
    Lull the authentic warriors at the ramparts into idle boredom?
    You got another thing coming-from us- Pete old boy .
    Hurry and nurse that huge X-Mas HANGOVER, Peetar!

  49. I think the voice is being bias when threatening to block people who make threatening comments on your paper but you have this “Son of man” guy writing in a foreign language, no one knows what he is talking about, it could be threats of Jihad for that matter, it is published and you allow it but a local person try to make a simple comment and he is blocked from doing so, hypocritical I must say.

    He is already condemned for all his ugly comments about God and Jesus and for the paper allowing it to be published.

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