Letters & Opinion

Passion, Pain, Power

By Sons and Daughters

IN the coming months, Saint Lucians will be faced with the decision to vote for a party either to continue the policies and programmes that have caused this island of ours to go way down the tubes, or to make the timely choice to change our fortunes.

Saint Lucians who show an inherent PASSION about the future of our island, especially concerning our children and grandchildren, will do the right thing – we are certain.

The times are grim. In the past months, a couple of well-known business outlets have closed and banks and small businesses are still downsizing.

The middle class in St. Lucia are in PAIN – families struggle quietly to make ends meet and the general consensus from the populace is that they have never experienced such a time in Saint Lucia.

This Labour government keeps telling us that they have tried in the last four years, but it is obvious to all that they have failed in so many ways to impress the populace.

Therefore, the good citizens of Saint Lucia have to exercise the POWER which rests in their hands and must use it to effect the necessary change. The process is simple and logical.


  1. Some are beating their Breast/Chest showing how tough they are,
    others are doing the same and saying, how could I have made this
    mistake; yet a sizable others keep saying, we told you so all along.

  2. Formula for non thinking LOO-shans:
    The pot calls the kettle black
    Jump from frying pan into fire
    Flambeau is waiting quietly -with hellfire!!!

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