Youth And Productivity – A Marriage for Success

DURING the observance of Productivity Awareness Week October 12 – 16 2015, the National Competitiveness and Productivity Council (NCPC), places the spotlight on the youth in ‘inculcating a mind-set change as it pertains to productivity growth in Saint Lucia.

We need to begin the conversation of engendering a shift in attitude towards productivity growth without addressing the role of the youth on this journey. In the quest to achieve the above stated objective, the NCPC embraces and recognizes the significance of Saint Lucia’s youth as being critical in these efforts. After all – they are the future!

Therefore, the question must be asked – How do we begin to change a culture whereby ensuring that future generations present a populace that is self-driven, motivated, success oriented and who are working and striving towards an economically viable and independent Saint Lucia? In relation, it must also be asked – Who has the responsibility to equip our young people in the effort to effect this much needed mind-set change?

The most reliable manual ever written – the Holy Bible pens it well: “Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will never depart from it” Proverbs 22:6

Parents and guardians play an important role in the education and socialisation of the nation’s young. Their involvement and example can help a child excel and instils in them the drive and desire for habitual success.

A well balanced and success driven child embraces challenges in school and learns how to employ proper time management techniques. Also, this child is results oriented and exercises the basic elements of success like prudence, diligence, commitment and perseverance to name a few. Their commitment secures optimal results throughout their academic life and well into the world of work. Thus providing a competent and effective pool of future leaders and labour force. With these attributes imbedded in the very core, the response to the call for a concerted effort at increasing or maintaining high productivity levels at the school and ultimately professional levels becomes almost obsolete.

As members of this nation, we must recognize our roles and responsibilities. We must ensure change by first recognizing the individual responsibility and the insurmountable contribution we can each make in changing the course of a future generation by making productivity an everyday conversation within our homes and schools; among our children and our young adults; by the examples we exhibit in our attitudes to our jobs, our environment and our everyday lives.

We must help create an environment which dispels the acceptance of mediocrity and enhances the eagerness to break boundaries in achieving optimum successes.

The NCPC challenges you to begin the conversation at home, at school and at play. Endorse the message of productivity; embracing the concept of using all your resources, your surroundings and applying the right attitude to achieve great success! Remember, one person can make a difference. Will you be that person?

(For more information on productivity and Productivity Awareness Week, please contact the National Competitiveness and Productivity Council on Second (2nd) floor, Financial Centre Building, Bridge Street, Castries. We can also be contacted at 468 -5571/5576 or visit the Council’s Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/stluciancpc or email them at stluciancpc@gmail.com)

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