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Votes, Not Murder, Please

I returned to the outrageous news that some persons are plotting the demise of the island’s discredited Pha-raoh. What struck me most forcibly was the fact that no one seemed to care about that bit of information. In fact, it seems that Saint Lucians had dismissed the source as irrelevant and untruthful, another inflated ego in search of relevance. And innocent, I almost put my foot into it.

Upon boarding Jet Blue the Prime Minister was seated in row four speaking to someone across the aisle that I recognized. On approaching the two heads bent towards each other in conversation, I jokingly said that I hope they were not plotting to overthrow the Government of Saint Lucia. I had no information on a plot against the man’s life.

As we landed and information came to hand it was suggested that the person who first leaked the assassination plot was himself a target – and not for the first time. The same bad story seems to be making the rounds with regard to the Minister for Internal Affairs. I would suggest strongly that, persons who may have been wronged by this government through loss of jobs, victimization, excessive taxes and duties, plus 15% VAT, high cost of medicines and the inability to pay for a doctor’s visit, should remove all thoughts of revenge by murder from their minds.

There is a better and more peaceful way. I refer to the next general elections where together we can permanently bury all these hated men under a mountain of votes. That would be the best revenge and no one would be threatened with court action. The Pharaoh’s days are numbered, and he knows that; so please be patient and do your duty at the ballot box on the day of political judgment. There will be many distractions and false prophets, but these may be the works of a failed Pharaoh, so don’t be misled, neither distracted. The battle is between Pharaoh and the people, not between SLP and UWP, or SLP and the Chastanet family, as Pharaoh said.

– Peter Josie.


  1. when peter Judas BRAK at his own shadow.

    O!!!!!!!!!!!!…………but .JUDAS have power of attorney from the prince of hell.

  2. Mr. Josie, you are a confused and perverted individual. You are blinded by your demagoguery and arrogance. I have never ever heard you speak anything good of the SLP or PM Dr. Kenny Anthony. There is nothing the PM can do to satisfy your inflated ego. As far as you are concerned he can never do right. Remember sir, a broken clock is right twice a day. Your lack of objectivity and insightfulness will be your tragic flaw. As a human being, have ever shown any form of decency to someone you oppose? Frankly, you always sound like a bitter old man blaming everyone else but yourself for your underachievement. I wonder, have you ever experienced happiness sir?

    Twice a week spewing the NEGATIVE deception from the pulpit of the Anti Christ? This means:
    -Your stabilizing meds (pills) have increased. Not a good holistic regimen old boy. Think of the toxicity to your own post middle age Renal System.
    Man your kidneys cannot flush-recycle-rejuvenate adequately within the cadence of prescribed pills- your habitual boozing- and generating this knowingly false voter traps of ENSNAREMENT.
    When your Renal system short circuits as in COLLAPSES- do pray that a kidney donor transplant is available -somewhere! And that your puppet meister will foot the astronomical costs; let alone cheating the waiting line of patients awaiting the call of an organ donor.
    -Do yourself a huge favor. Follow the lead of the PINK awareness month folks and get your kidneys (breasts too 🙂 screened! I need you in fair condition for you upcoming medivac to Rockland New York Psychiatric Center.
    -REALIZE that the flame is OUT of the Flambeau. They had 5 years to create any AUTHENTIC grass roots engagement with the majority of ordinary voters.
    -Did the SUPER RICH puppet meister use his family’s longitudinal $money$ experiences in deep workshops/seminars etc., in the more demographically as in socio-economically challenged neighborhoods across the island (rural and urban); in order to impart basic economic tools for economic VIABILITY? Did I hear you mutter “Pro bono be damned!”.
    Hence the proverbial raison pour le camel treading thru an eye of a needle and assuring all that 99.9% of your aristocratic leash controllers are head quartered in Dante’s eternal Furnace, n’estpas?
    -Oops, Flambeau has a major DISCONNECT with the expressive-receptive language of the working stiff, malaway or down trdden folks of this nation. Therefore, UWP seriously DEFAULTS with its ingrained -as in NO DYE IN THE CLOTH (pun intended} refusal to sensitize to the pure lamentations -as in NEEDS of the vast majority of the PEOPLE of St Lucia.
    -This language disconnect is most damaging to the youth and middle – senior classes of earnest nationals who feel most EMPOWERED by AUTHENTIC CULTURAL IDENTITY.
    -A tongue / a VOICE that you can call your very OWN propels your inner being with POSITIVE RESONANCE as prescribed by Marley’s “POSITIVE VIBRATIONS”.

    – PEETAR JUDAS JOSIE you are the REAR-MOST -as in butt- negative animation on this island.
    -Too bad my Photo Shop software skills are intro level- Your picture could easily morph into the SCARIEST HORROR caricature for upcoming HALLOWEEN – the most important celebration on your occult girlfriend’s ( Mary Isaac ) annual calendar.
    Here is some “Positive Vibes” to shed some natural illumination over you and Mary’s BEWITCHED cobwebbed craniums:

  4. Its not every time a thief carries a big bag that its contents are stolen. I will apply this old saying to you Josie. Your position in this article sounds right. However I will not give you 100% for your sincerity. I can only give you 50% because you failed to chastise Golden Balls when he said he understood the position of the person who openly implied the killing of the PM would solve the problems facing the youth of St. Lucia.

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